Tuesday, October 20, 2015

KC’s Worst HOA President Ever: Meet Miss October, Krista Turner! From Shawnee. (Unbelievably, her day job is compliance attorney for a company named after the color of the sun…)

Meet Krista Scholes Turner.  Miss October.  Worst Home Owners Association President ever.

This coy neighborhood Nazi is living large.  Famous for shaming folks in public, and this week, calling an illegal executive session, at an undisclosed location, because this “Leona Helmsley” doesn’t want to ever hear from ‘the Little People’. 

Now most HOA’s are known for being bossy but Krista Turner has taken it to new depths.  Critics are ignored.  Forced to wait to the end of the meeting to speak.  Volunteers are never thanked. Approvals are arbitrary and capricious.  That goes for architectural changes and budget items.  And at the meeting I just attended, I was cursed at by her Treasurer, Ed Bernica, for making a statement of fact.   She just smiled like a Cheshire cat.   

Being a high dollar compliance attorney, it’s alarming that this PUTIN OF THE PLAINS exhibits no working knowledge of or respect for Roberts Rules of Order.  Is that how she operates at work??  To wit, that you must only go into executive session coming OUT OF a regular board meeting.  One that has been properly noticed up to the membership, not in four days.  At a time that corresponds to a clock.  Not just “7”, since the clock strikes 7 TWICE a day!  So is it 7AM or PM?  And the board must have a quorum.  And the address of the meeting must be published, whether or not Ms. Turner actually WANTS to hear from any of the 136 homeowners in Turner’s kingdom.

No wonder the state of Kansas was forced to update and trump all the outdated and outlandish HOA bylaws.  In 2010.   Turner seems not to care.  She continues to scold.  She belittles people in her minutes, which she doesn’t even bring to the meetings.  Her half-assed minutes are without attribution or detail that might be useful legally, down the road—the whole purpose of minutes.  Despite being told to at the annual meeting, she refuses to document addresses of Architectural Approvals—nope, she just names names and scolds.  Two months ago, she quoted colorblind and dyslexic bully, Hank Bednar, her Architectural Control Director, who misses most meetings, as saying, “I approved some  paint color for a gal somewhere in Lenexa”.  No address, no sample.

These arrogant, arbitrary and capricious fools have power over our biggest investment: our homes.

As for meeting notices,Turner just warned us little people how we aren’t really welcome to attend meetings, because the board is “there to conduct business”.      
Yeah, as if some Girl Scout troop working on their HOA badge is gonna visit, and serve Thin Mints while they grill Turner on where she learned her celebrated bullying tactics. 

In typical fashion, Turner  threatened to sue the former secretary who resigned.  That was in February.  We have no directory.  She hasn’t found one naïve newcomer  to accept that position since.  Imagine that.

Trust me, this is not Adele.

So if all HOA’s are bad, how did Attorney Krista Turner win the crown as Miss October?  It wasn’t the Swimsuit Competition.  She was the Biggest Loser for Miss Congeniality.  And she can’t twirl a baton, at least she doesn’t mention that on Facebook.  My HOA may be the ONLY HOA Board of Directors I know of that is burdened with TWO lawyers!  The VP is a real estate attorney for the GSA—planning to move out the minute he can build his cabin in the woods. 

OK, readers. This is our first winner.  Now tell me about YOUR HOA.  Can you top this??!   Send your nominations.  You can remain anonymous.  I found these dreadful pics on Krista Turner’s Facebook.  Can you imagine?  It looked like campaign meister Jeff Roe had startled her in a paparazzi  ambush, (like he did Cathy Reinhardt 15 years ago when she ran against Roe’s boy Blunt  for Congress up north.) 


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    1. Craig is Krista's significant other. And she inappropriately and unprofessionally allowed him access to our HOA private records, 11 boxes of them--as posted on his Twitter account. Not sure if he has an employer watching him, because at times he posts like a Whack-a-Mole! Some of his comments were deleted due to his inability to use polite language. I appreciate his defending his gal, but death threats and attacks on the publisher will not be tolerated. If he resubmits and respects the rules, dissent is allowed.

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  3. Your post illustrates why I would never move into a place with an HOA. The only people who want to be on the boards are scolds who think that uniformity is perfection. Buying a home in a "planned" community is right up there with buying a time share.


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