Friday, August 4, 2017

Who cares how you vote Tuesday? Issues 1, 2 and 3 are all just surveys...despite what Roe&Glow or CFRG or TKC might tell you.

Since when do we put non-binding USA Today style surveys on the ballot? That's what the August 8 KCMO primary ballot issues 1,2 and 3 really are.

Sherry DeJanes, of Smart KC, sometimes known as BeSmartKC, is the well-meaning but unfortunately half-smart gal in charge of the wording on #1.  DeJanes admitted on TKC and local news, the wording is written illegally--you cannot FINE individual city hall employees $1000! For doing what they were told to do.  Duh, that's as stupid as some of Donald Trump's tweets.
So that part would be thrown out.  (aka separated.)  

Now even tho I agree city wide votes on the streetcar expansion, or anything else that obligates the entire tax base to pay more, should be mandatory.  

But the wording on Issue #1 is an illegal unenforceble concept.  And she admits it!  This is exactly why she and CFRG keep losing.  They're not strategic enough to outsmart and outwit and outplay the Goliaths--Sly James, and what one TKC commenter calls Roe and Glow!

Roe and Glow??  aka Jeff Roe and Steve Glorioso.  Whoever came up with this is brilliant.  Kudos. I wish I'd thought of it first.  Let me know who should win a lifetime supply of Mop&Glo.   This is the new (post-Pat-Gray) nickname for two election hacks who mop up all the cash in every election seeking to get into the taxpayers' pockets.  They operate exactly like a gooey liquid floor polish, eg Mop & Glo.  Leaving a dull, slimy haze wherever these two slugs crawl in a campaign...

All the while, the REAL deal is the TDD streetcar extension being held by mail in ballot via the 16th Circuit Court.  We await their rigged results, a gal at the judge's office is now certifying and tossing out ballots that weren't notarized!  Because THAT vote didn't go thru the election board.

The goal of issue #1 was to outlaw future use of highly localized micro-district TDD's.  However, CFRG and Smart KC/Sherry DeJanes keep losing every campaign they throw together.  Bad concept, unreadable billboards, wrong strategery.  Their heart is in the right place.  But they don't have the muscle, mental agility or money to outlaw it thru the Mo Legislature, where it legally needs to be done.  Hence her goofy language on Ballot Issue #1.


#2? Clay. Say no more. If Clay wants to make a difference, stop putting every initiative in YOUR name. You're a toxic poison. And again, it's a survey, because the city reworded the language with qualifiers including the preposterous MIGHT go here, MIGHT go there. That is not proper ballot language.

Today Chastain claims that IF #2 passes, the city will be forced to implement what he actually put in the petition, to get on the ballot.  The city changed the wording on the ballot only.

Such a shell game, makes the voters' heads spin.

And finally:
#3. $15 an hour minimum wage. Already knowingly illegal, as proven in St. Louis. So, this too is just a survey. There is nothing to prohibit any business from establishing a starting salary of $15 an hour. But they don't, because newbies aren't producing enuf value to warrant this. It's too high, then there's nowhere to go. Welcome the robots. 

And welcome to Kansas, you fools who vote on this.

At $15 an hour, if it passed, then it would cost you $79 to buy one of their T-shirts!!!

KCMO being "measurably economically or societally better" if any of these passes? Survey says: No. 

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