Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Lie to any phone pollsters. Claim you are voting YES on KCI. Then phone 3 voting friends. Vote NoNov.7. This can be accomplished as underground campaign.

It's clear that the city of KCMO has gone over the cliff--and cannot be relied upon to support its citizens.   They have sold you out and are in LaLaLand listening to wind chimes they ordered (on your credit card) from Amazon.

YOU can defeat the poor plan for KCI--with a DIY underground railroad campaign.
Never underestimate the power of determined people
to saved a loved one.
In this case, KCI that needs remodelling, not destruction.
Load your voting friends in your car--and VOTE NO!
Find a way!  No need to advertise it.  Just GitErDone.

This has been done before, when we the taxpayers defeated the bloated giveaway to multi-millionaires that would have been BiStateII.  And we did it again when we the taxpayers defeated the even crazier Big Soccer giveaway to multi-millionaires.

We had no signs.  In each campaign, we spent a total of $12,000 on postcards, thanks entirely to Taxpayer Crusader and movie maker Phillip Klein, and my working for free to badger the news media and respond to news outlets and demand the opposition voice be heard.

It's all about voter turnout.
One household, one neighbor at a time.  Call three friends and meet with three neighbors--but make sure first of all that they are even registered to vote...  Get them to promise to vote, and follow up with them.  Drive them if need be.  Support one another in voting NO.  Make a homemade yard sign.  Or not.  (See below).*

Sadly, the CFRG/SaveKCI dynamic duo (are they secretly dating, and this is their cover-- or what??) of Dan Coffey and Cruella deVille--I mean Sherry deJanes--have so dropped the ball, it's no wonder that Phillip Klein refused to fund them this time.

The good news?  Steve Glorioso is dead.  The Yes campaign has written a big ass check to Big Ass Jeff Roe--who is doing nothing but eating Twinkies.  Just like Steve Glorioso and Pat Gray, many times those so-called politicos are paid off just to keep them from working for the opposition.  That appears to be the case this time.

More good news: Channel 9's Micheal Mahoney is starting to challenge the preposterousness of the YES folks' lies--that KC "needs" more flights.   And so is the only decent reporter at the STAR:  Steve Vockrodt. When the ballot issue would build just 35 gates, down from the 68 we own, and the 45 we currently operate.

Clearly, the Edgemoor "tossed salad/copycat plan" is a copy of the Burns & Mac Trojan Horse.  Build LESS but call it more.  And just keep lying  through your teeth to the voters and the cowed KCMO City Council and the naive news media--and hope you can squeak through.

It's pretty obvious to a third grader that if they were so sure they're gonna win, they wouldn't need to send out postcards that lie.

So here's another secret strategy:  If you get a phone call from an anonymous survey company?  LIE RIGHT BACK AT THEM.  TELL THEM YOU ARE VOTING YES!  The voting booth is still secret--I don't think Russians have found Kansas City Missouri yet.

*Take the yard sign that the Yes committee offers you--and hide it in your garage-- till after election day.  That milks them out of $3.95 hustled from the Gimme coalition.  Don't trash it till AFTER the election.
These folks are not running from a distant parking garage
to catch a flight at a new, far-less-convenient KCI,
where folks are herded like cattle
for the convenience of cheap airlines
cramming us into their 14 inch wide seats. 
Nope, these are voters voting NO on November 7! 
Because that is the message we need to send
to the bought-and-paid-for KCMO City Council. 
  Stop letting our convenient airport run down. 
Fix the bathrooms at Southwest Airlines!
And stop lying to the voters that building 35 gates
rather than the 45 we operate now
and the 68 we OWN,
would be "progress"!!!

We can do this.  How do you think slavery got outlawed?  The underground railroad.  Long before the Lying Ass KCI Contraction Billed as an Expansion.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Who cares how you vote Tuesday? Issues 1, 2 and 3 are all just surveys...despite what Roe&Glow or CFRG or TKC might tell you.

Since when do we put non-binding USA Today style surveys on the ballot? That's what the August 8 KCMO primary ballot issues 1,2 and 3 really are.

Sherry DeJanes, of Smart KC, sometimes known as BeSmartKC, is the well-meaning but unfortunately half-smart gal in charge of the wording on #1.  DeJanes admitted on TKC and local news, the wording is written illegally--you cannot FINE individual city hall employees $1000! For doing what they were told to do.  Duh, that's as stupid as some of Donald Trump's tweets.
So that part would be thrown out.  (aka separated.)  

Now even tho I agree city wide votes on the streetcar expansion, or anything else that obligates the entire tax base to pay more, should be mandatory.  

But the wording on Issue #1 is an illegal unenforceble concept.  And she admits it!  This is exactly why she and CFRG keep losing.  They're not strategic enough to outsmart and outwit and outplay the Goliaths--Sly James, and what one TKC commenter calls Roe and Glow!

Roe and Glow??  aka Jeff Roe and Steve Glorioso.  Whoever came up with this is brilliant.  Kudos. I wish I'd thought of it first.  Let me know who should win a lifetime supply of Mop&Glo.   This is the new (post-Pat-Gray) nickname for two election hacks who mop up all the cash in every election seeking to get into the taxpayers' pockets.  They operate exactly like a gooey liquid floor polish, eg Mop & Glo.  Leaving a dull, slimy haze wherever these two slugs crawl in a campaign...

All the while, the REAL deal is the TDD streetcar extension being held by mail in ballot via the 16th Circuit Court.  We await their rigged results, a gal at the judge's office is now certifying and tossing out ballots that weren't notarized!  Because THAT vote didn't go thru the election board.

The goal of issue #1 was to outlaw future use of highly localized micro-district TDD's.  However, CFRG and Smart KC/Sherry DeJanes keep losing every campaign they throw together.  Bad concept, unreadable billboards, wrong strategery.  Their heart is in the right place.  But they don't have the muscle, mental agility or money to outlaw it thru the Mo Legislature, where it legally needs to be done.  Hence her goofy language on Ballot Issue #1.


#2? Clay. Say no more. If Clay wants to make a difference, stop putting every initiative in YOUR name. You're a toxic poison. And again, it's a survey, because the city reworded the language with qualifiers including the preposterous MIGHT go here, MIGHT go there. That is not proper ballot language.

Today Chastain claims that IF #2 passes, the city will be forced to implement what he actually put in the petition, to get on the ballot.  The city changed the wording on the ballot only.

Such a shell game, makes the voters' heads spin.

And finally:
#3. $15 an hour minimum wage. Already knowingly illegal, as proven in St. Louis. So, this too is just a survey. There is nothing to prohibit any business from establishing a starting salary of $15 an hour. But they don't, because newbies aren't producing enuf value to warrant this. It's too high, then there's nowhere to go. Welcome the robots. 

And welcome to Kansas, you fools who vote on this.

At $15 an hour, if it passed, then it would cost you $79 to buy one of their T-shirts!!!

KCMO being "measurably economically or societally better" if any of these passes? Survey says: No. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

James B. Nutter's final resting place: EAST OF TROOST! Visitation/ aka wake: Wed. 5-8pm, Unity Temple on Plaza. Funeral, Thurs.10a at Country Club Christian, 6101 Ward Pkwy. McGilley's Midtown coordinating

This just in--
the fine folks at McGilley's Midtown are coordinating services for James B. Nutter Sr.  Since a huge crowd is expected they selected two large venues.
Major domo Jackson County Dem chair Lonnie Shalton, Senator Claire McCaskill,
James B Nutter Sr and former staffer to Congresswoman Karen McCarthy,
Jan Hodgson, last summer at the funeral services for Hila B "Dutch" Newman.

All these key Dems expected to be at Nutter's visitation and funeral this week--
Jaxco Commissioner Scott Burnett, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, (x/help!), 
Commissioner Theresa Garza and far right (LOL only in photos, never in opinions!) 
former regl dir, Dept of Energy and now campaign coach Mary O'Halloran. 
Dem Chair Lonnie Shalton, James B Nutter and world traveller Rita Leifhelm--last summer at the services for
Hila B "Dutch" Newman.  

One of a kind mouth of the Third District, former state rep and KCMO Councilwoman Carol Coe
attended Dutch Newman's services last summer, and is expected at James B Nutter's grand send-off,
this Wed. July. 12 at Unity and Thurs J. 13th @ Country Club Christian,
and then to proudly welcome Nutter to his final resting place, EAST of Troost!
Former mayor backed by Nutter, Richard Berkley, and former Congressional staffer Jan Hodgson,
with photo of Dutch Newman and Hillary Clinton, at Dutch's funeral last July.
This is a rare photo--since usually Berkley TAKES 400 photos a week!
Expect to see him at Nutter's visitation Wed. at 5pm, Unity and the funeral, Thurs. at 10am at Country Club Christian.

Unity Temple on the Plaza
707 W. 47th
This is a "visitation", rather than a formal religious ceremony.
Folks pass by the casket, (optional) then gather in small groups for refreshments and sharing of memories, informally.  (Catholics call it a wake.)

10AM   (Approx. one hour)
Country Club Christian
6101 Ward Parkway
This will be a formal church ceremony
with a program, a sign-in book, and list of key speakers and music.

Burial of the casket will be immediately after that, 11:30am, Forest Hill Calvary Cemetery--
6901 Troost.

So imagine that, folks!  From a great man who loved and served and shaped the future of Jackson County his whole life:
A classic Jim Nutter move--he will be buried EAST OF TROOST!

Expect parking to be in short supply!

Our hometown funeral experts, McGilley's Midtown,  did a sensational job last summer for Dutch Newman, who was celebrated and loved by so many of the same folks.  Dutch's sendoff was at Visitation Catholic on Main.  And of course, James B. Nutter was there--greeted in his wheelchair by all, photographed by me and of course, Mayor Dick Berkley.  A who's who for Kansas City and Democrat politics.  And a motorcycle patrol of 14 of Jackson County's finest men in blue.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Burns&Mac running false radio ads on 4 stns! Deceives public! Lobbies KCMO Council for their NoBid "New KCI"!! Goals: a) avoid public vote b) skim addl $140M financing profits and c) head off Katy Shields' smarter plan: local revenue bonds

 Bottom line: if Burns & Mac will lie to the public NOW, what else will they conceal?  Or attempt to sneak past the KCMO City Council?

This is a clear case of deceptive lobbying.  Burns and Mac is spending thousands of dollars on what's called The Assumed Close.

They struck their deal with Mayor Sly James.  It's been blocked.  The council wisely caved into public pressure, to at least invite a few others to bid.  And best of all, Katy Shields came up with a better plan, selling Airport Revenue Bonds, which will save the taxpayers $140 million in interest, since public bonds are sold at a lower interest rate than what Burns and Mac's secret moneybags, Michael Merriman at Americo will charge rich investors, (eg backers of Sly James).

But who would be surprised  at the temerity of telling an untrue outcome?  At B&M's IGNORING the facts that is, their Pearl Harbor sneak attack to spend a billion bucks to build a SMALLER airport may have been thwarted??

Who would be surprised at Burns and Mac now lobbying falsely by running radio spots AS IF THEY ALREADY WON AND BUILT THE "NEW KCI"??????

The splash page of Burns and McDonnell's own website is our first clue to an altered sense of integrity.  It starts with some X-files worthy music, and this apocryphal quote:
It can happen right before your eyes.
And at first, you might not even notice.

I hate liars.  So when I heard this unsourced radio spot on my favorite station, 980 KMBZ, claiming the city already built a new KCI, paid by Burns & Mac, I investigated.  Because the FCC says all spots must make it clear, who paid for them.  This one doesn't.  

Turns out it IS Burns and Mac paying the bill.  But could just as easily have been a lobbying group promoted and funded by their benefactor, Sly James.  Or Michael Merriman at Americo Insurance, the secret financier who hides from all reporters, and stands to make $140 million in higher bond rates.
Mike Merriman's Americo Life secret downtown financing partner 
for Burns and Mac's No Bid billion dollar, smaller"New KCI".
He may have paid Burns & Mac to run the false radio spots.
After all, if he snags this No Bid contract, he makes an extra 

$140 million, because private investments earn 1 1/2 to 2% 
more interest per year than publicly financed Airport Revenue Bonds. 

Burns & Mac has 5 registered lobbyists, according to James Klahr, Director of the Missouri Election Commission.  He shared with me, Missouri law is very weak on disclosures--re issues coming up on a ballot or a candidate: just for printed materials.)  But the FCC says  on every spot in America for any purpose: reveal to the public, (which owns the airwaves), exactly who is paying to dish out this narrative, in this case, a false one.

The spot states, "...in 2017, Kansas City made history, with the first ever privately built airport in the nation...built and financed locally...every pilot is talkin' about that new privately built KCI..."

It's simply not true!  It's wishful lobbying.

Listen here: KCI Pilot radio spot on 
4 Entercom stations

The spots are airing this week and next, thousands of dollars on a heavy schedule on four major Entercom radio stations: AM 980 KMBZ; 98.1FM (think EJ& Ellen and Dana and Parks); KCSP610 Sports, and 98.9 KQRC the Rock (Johnny Dare et al) .

Friday, June 16, 2017

Safety alert! Westport now charging $5 for covered parking, hiring attendants--and more guards!

This just in: the REAL news is Westport is so unsafe the merchants have panicked to keep the law abiding customers more safe from crazed druggies and drunks and Bernie Sanders voters out to wreak havoc.

Their FAKE news story is: Whoa, Yea, "We're finding better, safer ways to park your automobile."

Will this hooped bonnet be too tall for me to park my wagon
 in the CharBar covered, well-lit guarded lot in Westport?
 And does it make my white ass look like a big ole target??

I got the flier last night at the awesome movie theatre, The Tivoli.
Starting June 16, parking in the covered lot by the CharBar, which serves the Tivoli and a health club, on Friday and Saturday nights, parking is $5--in advance!

(No more broken toll gates from drunks bursting out of the lot late at night like the James Gang or Johnny Lazio at the Union Station Massacre.)  At $100 per broken gate, the cost for GateGate was prohibitive.)

And the good news for me is, with a stamp at the Tivoli boxoffice when I purchase my movie ticket, the parking attendant will then REFUND my PREPAID $5
I safely EXIT the covered AND NOW PATROLLED parking lot.

That is generous, and I appreciate it.  Jerry Herrington at the Tivoli runs by far the best art house movie theatre in the metro.  Tho I am also partial to Brian Mossman at Glenwood Arts and the Rio, home to my favorite film festival KIFF, Nov 3-9.

As to the FAKE NEWS flier announcing the parking fees:
Put out by what is now called the Westport REGIONAL Business League, aka westportkcmo.com.
(Are they part of NATO?  Not sure.  Must ask Lecron or Angela Merkel, I guess.)

The flier sweetly recalls Westport's origins showing a covered wagon.  Claiming a shortage of parking because--oh brother this is a stretch--"Westport's street grid and its buildings were made for wagons and walkers--not cars."

Go find Daniel Boone or Jim Bridger or anyone still inside Kelly's who hasn't left that bar since 1833.  Buy 'em a drink if they say that's why Westport needs armed guards and paid parking.

It's BULLSHIT PR.  The reason Westport merchants need armed guards and more lighting and parking lot attendants in bulletproof vests is CRIME.  Wilding.  Gangs of Angry Yutes who don't want to shoot hoops with Sly James, but prefer to menace dating couples out for a Friday or Saturday night date.  Same as the Country Club Plaza.

The supporting false claim in the flier is:
40% of Westport's patrons use taxis or Uber to get to their favorite establishment in Old Westport.

?????Prove it.
If you believe this statistic, you believe Donald Trump's inaugural crowd was the biggest ever.
And KC has 25 million tourists a year.
And 5,000 people a day ride the Toy Train, 
and would like to maraud their merry way to Westport and Main by voting this summer for ToyTrainII, and marching drunk and en masse down Westport Road until ToyTrain III builds another extension line.

(And just for the record, isn't OLD Westport that aging strip center half a mile west, at the Southwest Trafficway with the covered wagon? And a drive thru coffee shop?  Obviously the Westport "Regional" Business "League" hired a copy writer who is not from here.  Perhaps they're "regional".)

Question: Did Uber pay to be in this flier?  Ask Julian Assange.  Or Chelsea Manning.  They have all the facts.

Be safe out there.  KCMO is a summer war zone.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Happy birthday, billion dollar baby shell company!!! One month ago, Stinson attorney David Frantze, mega-donor to Sly and Justus, organized the shell co. that will build the new no-bid contract KCI

What do you give an illegitimate child --already worth a billion dollars--
for its one month birthday?
This week, the KCMO Council will give it the emergency contract--
the right to build a no-bid airport terminal!
And control over any other kids that wanna play at KCI for the next 35 to 50 years!!!
The city of Kansas City Missouri is proposing to sign a legally binding contract with Terminal Developer, LLC for a no-bid airport terminal project likely to be worth well over a billion dollars.  Mayor James, City Manager Schulte, and Council member Justus are particularly in a big rush to force this deal through, before the other Council members and the public understand what is really happening.

Who is Terminal Developer, LLC ?  Do you know?  This basic information hasn't been disclosed.

You can search and discover that the limited liability company Terminal Developer, LLC was organized in the state of Missouri on 4/27/2017 by David W. Frantze, Vice President of SMF Registered Services, Inc., which in turn appears to be an entity of KCMO law firm Stinson Leonard Street, 1201 Walnut, Suite 2900.   
Dave Frantze, head of real estate law at Stinson.
Father who "inseminated" the spawn of Satan baby LLC
'Terminal Developer LLC'
one month ago!  DOB 4/27/17
Delivered in a no-bid package to adoptive parents Sly James and Jolie Justus one month later.
Thanks to the relentless thorough research of Chuck Palah--here are some details.

Mr. Frantze specializes in real estate law and described some of his previous representation of Burns and McDonnell as:
"Represents Burns & McDonnell, one of the nation's largest engineering and architectural firms, in obtaining entitlements and incentives (including tax abatement, TIF and job incentives under State programs) for a new 450,000 square foot campus project. "

Mr. Frantze, others at Stinson Leonard Street, (formerly known for decades as Stinson Mag and Fizzell) and Burns and McDonnell have previously donated to the Sylvester James campaign.  And recall that State Sen. Jolie Justus accepted multiple lobbying gifts from Stinson Leonard Street.  In fact, 
Burns and McDonnell have been among the largest contributors to both Sylvester James and Jolie Justus.  There are so many simultaneous intertwining conflicts of interest at-play in this terminal proposal, without the parties recusing themselves, that it resembles an incestuous orgy. 

Note to self: best not search the web for orgy photos...just sayin'.

So how about this analogy instead?
KCMO is being governed like an open-air illegal bookie operation.  Is this a crime, or just a crying shame?  

Do you know  how many attorneys sit on the KCMO Council, including the Mayor?  Of the 13 members, over half are attorneys.  Our understanding is that Councilman Quinton Lucas actually teaches Contract Law at the University of Kansas School of Law.  Have they all gone AWOL (absent without leave) when it comes to properly representing the best interests of KC residents?

According to the Memorandum Of Understanding, we know that Ray Kowalik would sign the document twice, first as President of Terminal Developer, LLC (the Developer) and second as President of Burns and McDonnell Engineering (the Contractor).  But we still have no definitive understanding of who actually stands behind Terminal Developer, LLC.  Why is the identity of this group a mystery? 


Terminal Developer, LLC

Limited Liability Company
Charter No.

Registered Agent
120 South Central Ave
Clayton, MO 63105

Date Formed
Managed by

Please note in their articles of organization, item 7, stating "No Member, solely by reason of being a Member, will be liable, under a judgment, decree or order of a court, or in any manner, for a debt, obligation or liability of the Company, whether arising out of contract, tort, or otherwise,  or for the acts or omissions of any other Member, agent, or employee of the Company."

So--what happens if Terminal Developer LLC begins demolition of existing terminals A and B as spelled out in the proposal and then an unforeseen event occurs (financial market crisis, terrorism, etc.) which precipitates their withdrawl from the project?

 Can Sly and Jolie Justus return the spawn of Satan baby?  To whom?  Frantze?  Missouri Dept. of Social Services?????

Before more truth is revealed about this crony airport terminal proposal, Mayor James and Council member Justus are trying to slam the door on the public, to prevent sunshine from falling on the facts of the matter.

Legislation History

Filed by the Clerk's office
Referred to Airport and T&I Committee


Section 1. That the City Manager is hereby authorized to execute a Memorandum of Understanding with Terminal Developer, LLC and Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc. in substantial form and substance to that attached hereto as Exhibit A.

Section 2. That the City Council hereby determines that due to the aging of the current terminal and appurtenant facilities at Kansas City International Airport and the importance of improving the functionality of KCI for the airlines, airline passengers and general public who use KCI and the City’s limited capability to finance the costs of design and construction of the needed terminal modernization on its own, it is in the best interests of the City to sole source the development agreement, and the lease and sublease with the developer related to the KCI terminal modernization project proposed in the attached Memorandum of Understanding.

Section 3. That this ordinance, because it relates to a contract relating to the design and construction of a public improvement, is hereby recognized as having an accelerated effective date pursuant to Section 503(a)(3)(D) of the Charter.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Trolley Army pisses off God's People! CHURCHES AND NON-PROFITS ARE BEST HOPE FOR DEFEATING TOY TRAIN EXTENSION! Priesthood joins high hurdles race; educating parishioners to qualify to defeat Streetcar Extension!

Hooray for Visitation Parish at 53rd and Main--Sunday they legally "educated and informed" their congregation that if the Toy Train/Streetcar is extended to 53rd St, their church will be ASSESSED hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most folks know churches and non-profits pay no property taxes.  But the streetcar issue is different.  They will be charged, every year, a "SPECIAL ASSESSMENT".  (See related story on Tonyskansascity.com, RH column--the video that another church, Redemptorist, made--their assessment just counting the first 10 years--would be $108,000!)
Sneaky Mayor Sly James has erected a three-hurdle tax grab special election for the Trolley Expansion.
It will punish non-profits and churches and shoppers and citizens for decades...unless they vote no this summer.

This election is despicable.  Tuesday May 23 at 5pm is the last day to file forms, in person now, not by mail--just to be allowed to CAST a ballot!  And that ballot will need to be notarized, because it's not gonna be sent from the KC Election Board--they're only involved in counting the results.

This oddball secretive election is like a Yale fraternity initiation, eg Skull and Crossbones.
The only other time the 16th Circuit Court ran such an election was five years ago--and that was for Streetcar district 1--the river to Union Station.  The election is controlled by Missouri Statute 233.  It was strictly cloak and dagger--a behind the scenes deal rigged in the Missouri Legislature, to allow special TDD's, Transportation Development Districts to be voted on by a ridiculously small narrow district.  Why????

Because Mayor Sly James and his cabal of sycophants including Steve Glorioso, and greedy merchants at certain streetcar intersections, hoping to raise their traffic counts and thus the value of their land, knew that a true city wide public vote would never pass.

CFRG, and my hero, "Watchdog" Phillip Klein, are working hard to defeat it.  I hope they are allowed by in-house legal counsel Scott Brinkman (816/881-3652) to buy the mailing list of the measly 3600 plus citizens who made it through the first hurdle.  But, again, this is not an election being run by the election Board.  According to the very pleasant and perky Janelle Jennings-Drummond, the circuit court's Coordinator of Special Projects, "access to a mailing list has not been absolutely determined yet."  (Scott Brinkman has failed to return my calls.)

So rigged is this state-mandated election procedure, if a voter forgot to sign their application for a ballot, or failed to include proof of being registered, the statute makes NO provision for Janelle to phone the voter and remedy the problem.  You just will never be mailed a ballot on June 20th.  Clearly, Sly James is hoping only YES voters are smart enough and greedy enough to clear the hurdles.

This sneaky Streetcar Extension ballot is voter suppression of the highest order.  Shame on Mayor Sly James.  This needs to be defeated!

The BEST way to defeat the Streetcar Expansion is for the churches and non-profits to fight it.
They are all along the narrow district a few blocks either side of Main Street, from the river to 53rd St, State Line to Campbell--to RISE UP!  Under current law, until Trump relaxes lobbying rules, churches cannot lobby.  They cannot say "Vote NO".  But they are legally allowed to "educate and inform".

So, pray for the churches to do just that.

The Streetcar issue will
1.  raise personal property taxes,
2.  AND assess churches and non-profits
3.  AND raise sales taxes for all businesses in the district...a high as 12%!

4.  And the Clockwork Orange factor that relates directly to further enabling KCMO's huge crime problem--
a longer trolley line will enable marauding bands of armed hoodrats to travel-- quickly, unmonitored and for free--from their current lair, the Power and Light District, down to the Plaza and out past Visitation Parish to UMKC.   

Meanwhile, if you're not absolutely positive your ballot request was done properly, it's up to YOU, before 5pm Tues. May 23 (no postmarks, must be received today), to track it down:
Janelle Jennings-Drummond,
Coordinator for Special Projects
KC Circuit Court
415 E. 12th St --(inside the County Courthouse)
3rd floor, #303

Monday, May 15, 2017

WANNA CRY? Chill for 3 weeks--EVERY PC computer is slow, due to international ransomware crisis.

There's no need to join the queue at MicroCenter in OP, or waste too much of your personal computer guru's time.  And there's no need to cry.
Will the WannaCry ransomware seize my baby photos?
The world is at war, a computer war.  Between some very smart hackers working with a crime syndicate all over the world.  They are hijacking major websites and demanding millions in ransom be paid in three days, or that government or bank or Great Britain's National Health System loses all their backups and access.

And get this, the required WannaCry ransom is to be paid only in Bitcoin.
Worse yet, some desperate sites have actually paid the ransom!
And worser still, (as my niece says), the men from WannaCry ransomware have learned a thing or two from Big Pharma, and they offer payment plans or scholarships if you can't raise the dough in three days to start your extortion payment plan.

Read SLATE story about WannaCry ransomware here

This issue is so "yuge" that instead of his usual Sat. am tweets, while his Jewish son-in-law, The Jared, and Trump's daughter/wife,Ivanka, were at temple, Trump actually phoned other countries' leaders, trying to settle this problem.  Including not protecting known cybercriminals in their respective countries, but collaborating in tracking them down.

Now personally, I have nothing worth hiding on my PCs.  And I don't have any Bitcoin.  (And since it's virtual currency only, the plural is bitcoin, not bitcoins.  Though I do believe some were actually awarded to a local data storage bank, NetStandard, the brick fortress on Merriam Lane--which won a manufacturing and storage contest worth 25 free Bitcoin, for completing complicated math problems in record time.  But that's another post.  I read it in the New York Times.  So it must be true, at least to someone who used to be a Democrat.)

But back to pain.  I am finding my PC quite slow.  How about yours????

In the morning, my coffee is cold before the PC and in particular Gmail will open up.  And searching is as slow as dial-up.  (Dear millenials, you have no idea how tough life used to be with dial-up internet access.  Stop your whining.)

What to do about your slow PC???
MY computer guru, Rick Peterson at Brand-Central Marketing, told me to just chill. Google and Microsoft have way bigger problems than not-so-little and not-truly-old me.  They are saving the free world.

In the meantime, mostly to feel like I am doing "something", I have become obsessive about two tasks every day, sometimes twice a day.  No, it's not brushing and flossing.  I do that four times a day anyway.

I use CCleaner.
And I clear my browsing history.

I also pray for geezers who are still using unsupported Windows XP which lost support 3 years ago, before we were forced to convert to Windows 10.  (read one of my earlier posts to find out how to do that now, for free, if the 'Windows 10 free upgrade link' still works.  You must post as "disabled" as in "need glasses".  Not much of a stretch, considering most people and their ethics.)

That's all I got.  Oh yeah, and doing butt crunches while I search.

Buns of steel in Shawnee.
Tracy "Patience" Thomas.

Yup.  Patience is my middle name.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Watchdog Phillip Klein who fought BiState II buys BZ and Wolf radio spots to educate voters re 123GOBonds!!! Cites errors in Glorioso/James brochures. Quotes FACTS from City Mgr and Helling 40 yrs/not 20; $100 not $8; 2 year delays and non-binding wishlists.

Steve Glorioso (campaign manager for KCMO Mayor Sly James' future campaign for Congress) has spent nearly a million dollars on a fluffy brochure campaign with no debates--promoting the 123GO Bond vote Tuesday April 4.  But where has the opposition been?  Broke and not allowed to debate the Mayor. And the chicken media let Sly James avoid all debates.  Shame on them.

Today citizen watchdog Phillip Klein put his personal money into running a radio campaign to educate and inform the public.  Exposing the lies and "disinformation" in Glorioso's brochures.  Including the rift between the Mayor and City Manager.  The spots educate and inform.  They do not say "Vote No".  Klein said, "I trust the voters--if they are informed, they will make the best decision for themselves."

Listen to the radio spot here

The 60 second spot is airing through Tuesday/election day--on NewsTalk980-AM; KMBZ98.1FM and country station 106.5 The Wolf.

60 sec. radio, Educate and inform voters in KCMO.  Not an issue “advocacy” spot.
Talent: Tracy Thomas

The following is paid by watchdog Philip Klein.  He warned voters away from BiState II.  Voters said NO then.  Will you vote Tuesday on the 123Bond issue?  Dave Helling broke with the editorial board—exposed outright lies in the brochure blitz financed by tax-abated businesses including Power and Light.   Fact: It’s a 40 year tax, not 20.  Fact: It’s a hundred more EACH year--not eight.  Fact: Not—one—puppy kennel on Sly’s wishlist is guaranteed. {SFX:woof!} No matter the project, your Council BORROWS!  {SFX: Carnival calliope} Shovels money to insiders.  The free trash bags E-tax, the zoo, the toy train that runs off the rails in the rain.  With 123, they shift maintenance out of the general fund.  Freeing up the money for Sly’s legacy without a vote: hotel, airport or running armed hoodrats on the trolley down to the Plaza.   Fact FROM the City Manager: just $3 million for infrastructure for two years while he makes HIS list. SidewalkGate!!  Fact: city ordinances do not ALLOW paying for your sidewalk!!  If you like your shade tree, you can keep it-- till the city butchers it and mails you a little coupon.  Vote Tuesday.  You decide.
c. 2017  Tracy Thomas Advertising, a div. of Jocopost LLC.  All rights reserved.  

Watchdog Phillip Klein is a local businessman, owner of the Magic Shop at US Toy& Magic Company at 103rd and State Line.  His passion is fighting tax increases and challenging arrogant politicians.  Previously, he personally paid for the ad campaign that resulted in the defeat of BiStateII, which, like 123GOBonds, was a transfer of taxpayer money to tax-exempt millionnaires and a shell game by the city.

Klein is an indie filmmaker who produced the national expose, "Begging for Billionnaires" about the evils of Eminent Domain, where politicians seize private property for pennies on the dollar and give it to their rich friends for profiteering or another use.  That film screened nationwide, and was featured on national radio interviews and local forums of victims of eminent domain.  The film included local scenes about Harold Penner's Menswear and developer Whitney Kerr in downtown KC.

Klein is currently producing a poignant new narrative drama, described by Hollywood casting directors as akin to Forrest Gump, about a nearly blind magician enduring years of bullying:  "Fly Like a Bumblebee".  It will be filmed in KCMO.  The web site is www.flylikeabumblebee.com.  Klein and his producing partners have already hired national acting talent including the young runnerup to last year's America's Got Talent.  The film is in the funding stage on www.indiegogo.com.)

Link to Fly Like a Bumblebee's Indiegogo pages

Sly says123GOBonds free sidewalks expire when the money runs out!

Play this as you read!

Chaos is coming to KCMO!!!!!!!!!!!
If you thought the nudie cutie teaser photos on www.tonyskansascity.com were hot, grab your cell phone and head downtown to City Hall.

Last night at the State of the City speech, Mayor Sly James let it slip--he thinks citizens will only get free sidewalks as long as the money lasts!

OMG---A freebie with limits??  
                                Last one on the express elevator at City Hall to the 28th floor 
                                         has to pay $14000 assessment --for her new sidewalk.

Can you image the stampedes?
We haven't seen provocative lobbying like this since Cathy Jolly worked for a New York minute across the street for Mike Sanders!  (no photos available.  Her hubby is running to replace Sly James so she deleted herself from Google.)

Troy Schulte, KCMO City Manager told Dave Helling that HE is the Decider--not Sly James!!!!  And Schulte says he intends to take two years to make the lists.
Can you imagine Brookside yoga-obsessed housewives sneaking up to the 28th floor,the City Manager's office,  and ripping off their TJMaxx lycra hoodies and stretch bras-- to offer Troy Schulte lap dances in order to get on The Free Sidewalk List?

We haven't had hot sex in City Hall since barefoot Gloria Squitiro quit doing the nasty with Mayor Mark Funkhouser after hours on the 29th floor.

And what's that delicious smell?  Oh, trays of homemade meatloaf from Ward Parkway PTA presidents?  Italian mamas from Out Northeast, bringing in their special Sugo sauce recipe, trying to get THEIR sidewalk on Troy's short list!

The first time we saw a gravy train like this was the Three Wisemen trekking to Jerusalem for the census.
And of course, the most poignant List story was that great film, Schindler's List...

Now some folk will be fooled, thinking currently slim Sly James, our weak mayor,  at 108 E 30th St. is the Listmaker.  So another ant trail of Beseeching Bedroom Community Babes will head there.  Note:  Linwood Costco is just 6 blocks south of where Sly James rents a home on Union Hill.  Costco has sensational lasagna.  Just sayin...

Helling challenges editorial board, opposes 123GO, even gets City Mgr to admit Glorioso's brochures are disinformation

Hooray for Dave Helling, seasoned local reporter who has joined the STAR Editorial Board.  When they anonymously endorsed the deceitful 123GO Bond issue, Helling refused to sign on.  So for the first time since the 1970's, a brave editorial board writer wrote and SIGNED his own editorial."

Helling/KCStar: It's OK to vote against more tax increases in KCMO

Helling did actual reporting!  Got the City Manager, Troy Schulte, to go on the record that those Steve Glorioso $859,000 in brochures clogging your mailbox are full of "misinformation".  (What the real world calls lies and deceptions.)

123GO is a 40 year property tax hike, not 20.
(The City doesn't have staff to supervise and build $800 million in sidewalks, bridges, flood control, puppy shelters and disabled ramps!  Schulte's gonna trickle it out.  Some bonds won't be issued and sold to rich investors for 20 years!  And take another 20 to pay off.  But this vote empowers the Council to raise your property taxes every year under penalty of law.  THAT'S why this is so important.  In Ks, eg Joco, the 7 commissioners raise the mill levy WITHOUT A PUBLIC VOTE.  But Missouri requires a VOTE BY CITIZENS.  Big difference.

It's $100 a year or more, compounding.  May go to $248 per year for the average house.  Not $8 like Glorioso's brochures state.
Glorioso is the master of the shell game.  When he was staffer for Kay Barnes, he ramrodded through the Zoo bonds which then were mysteriously diverted to pay off TIF bonds in downtown KCMO!  Sneaky.  But that's somehow legal because they just "borrowed".  Which they will do again here.  Bet on it.

And there's a reason Glorioso has spent $859,000 on his disinformation brochures, with the Mayor refusing to debate, as usual.  They are targetting frequent voters only.  So no broadcast.  And they lied to the KC Pet Project.  Failed to admit their buyoff of them, $14 million, is NON-BINDING!    And contingent on raising another $7 million privately.  AND contingent on getting the Council to find $6 million a year for life--to turn the lights and the heat on in the shelter.

Bond issues build buildings.  They don't cut the ribbon or maintain them.
Helling's editorial questions how the City can afford to maintain the shelter when they are paying the Police Chief $500,000 to leave, and $200,000 to just one fire fighter in a lawsuit.  This is much like Gloria Squitiro and MammyGate.  

And no matter what list Kathryn Shields and Jolie Justus ram thru the KCMO City Council this week, by STATE LAW, the only list or budget that counts is the City Manager's!
KCMO has a weak mayor/council//STRONG CITY MANAGER FORM OF GOVERNMENT.  They can only hire and fire him.  The City Manager is the final authority.  And he told Helling this week it will take him two YEARS to even make his lists.  And meanwhile, he will just do $3.2 million in improvements per year.

This Council was like the Ryan Health Care Bill idiots.  Debating details hours before their hasty vote to jam it onto the ballot and pray for low turnout.

But because it rewards rich investors, it requires 57.1% to pass.  Despite the phony rigged polling by Glorioso, it's in trouble.

Get your family and co-workers and neighbors to vote Tuesday April 4.

KCMO can do so much better.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Not all the dirt in schools is in KCMO district. Now SM school district has mud on its face...thanks to Deb Zila and Jim Hinson.

(For more deets, see posts on sister blog, www.JocoPost.com.  And follow more stories on an unrelated website, Shawnee Mission Post.)

Insider contracts, like insider trading, are bad.  Recently the GREAT online news website Shawnee Mission Post has been exposing insider contracts and conflicts of interest.  Hooray.

Deb Zila denies influence peddling
and insider contract for daughter.
Deb Zila, a very defensive school board member who served as School Board President on big pay raises for administrators and selection of CBIZ as insurance and benefits contractor, has been challenged for hiding the fact that her daughter, Mallory is the district's highly paid benefits manager at CBIZ.

Mallory had zero experience in insurance before Mommy approved the contract with CBIZ where she got this high paying job last April.  After K-State her only job was working at Nordstrom's. Where the customer is always right and always rich.   (Publisher's full disclosure: I'm not nice enough to work at Nordstrom's...I'm barely nice enough to occasionally shop there!) 

But now the Shawnee Mission School District has mud all over its face...just like one of those expensive spa mud pack facial treatments from Nordstrom!

Should Deb Zila resign?  AFTER she just answers questions without paying her district $1054 in sunshine extortion fees??

Why does the SMSD charge $56 an hour for someone to comply with a valid KORA Open Records request?  (They advertise the rate at $30 an hour.) 

Attention, Kinko's staff--if you too just graduated from KState and can't find a real career, I'd be applying for a job running the copier machine at the Shawnee Mission School District today!

Why didn't the school district just answer reporters' questions?  Instead of hiding behind their overpaid grey-suits and their big ass mahogany desks?  The real culprit is the overpaid superintendent, Jim Hinson.  He thinks he knows better than the public.

Let's watch this story unfold.  Perhaps Superintendent Jim Hinson will give up mud facials and instead be tarred and feathered and run out of Shawnee Mission on a rail...by the important new group promoting transparency, Education First Shawnee Mission.

Here's the latest link where the District denies all:

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Poor homeless Mayor James: No Hillary to coattail Cleaver to WDC new cabinet job, thus Sly can't run to replace Cleaver in Congress! Time to actually BUY a home in KCMO?

The saddest clown in town is clearly Mayor Sly James.
Mayor Sly James tugs on his bow tie...
His secret plan to ride the glory train to Washington was thwarted by the election of Donald Trump.

When will voters and taxpayers demand their Mayor actually BUY a home here???
Did you ever wonder why your mayor does not OWN a home in KCMO???  (He rents, on Union Hill.  108 E. 30th St.--where there are often campaign signs for friendly Dems and his endless tax increases.)  He sold his famous home on Mannheim Road in Hyde Park, the one where he was then caught early this year during his re-election campaign, by Clay Chastain's campaign for being delinquent on paying property taxes on two beater cars.

You know about that.  The election board --and the media--simply ignored the clear violation.  Because Sly's opponents were The General, a homeless man with no phone number who slept on friends' extra beds or at the motel on The Paseo.  And Clay Chastain, who lived in Virginia, and slept at his sister's house when he occasionally visited KCMO.  (at least we hope it's a separate bed...)

The plan that fell apart:
Run for an easy re-election, since the 1000 other lawyers in town sat it out.  Check.  How hard was that?
Then support Hillary for President.
Congressman Cleaver was then hoping to be appointed to either a cabinet position OR some department head or a job with either the Clinton Foundation or the Obama Foundation.
He's already locked up HIS lifetime pension, having served more than two terms.
And when the appointment job would be over, Cleaver could then become a lobbyist, like Senator Blunt, and have Dianne Cleaver and a couple of kids also become lobbyists.  It's all still legal. And rotten.

Sly James then hoped and planned and prayed and EXPECTED to be APPOINTED by the Dem. Central Committee to replace Cleaver in Congress--from which he could then run in 23 months for re-election--as an incumbent.

He and his wife could then move to WDC!  Buy a home THERE!~!!
Better parties, more fun.  And a much longer mass transit train to ride for years--at taxpayer expense.

And, like Kansas' senior Senator, Pat Roberts has done for years, just RENT in his home district.  In fact, Roberts only rents a room and a Barcalounger in a sycophant's home in Garden City.  Not even a whole house!!
Sly James hoped to buy this Barcalounger to keep in a back badroom of a rented condo in KC when he went to Congress on Clinton's and Cleaver's generous coattails...

Well, as the Norwegians say, "Uffda!"  (Jews say "oy veh".    Same diff.)

So now Sly James is stuck in purgatory: KCMO--with a crumbling infrastructure, no sugar daddies or Queen Hillary to support him.  And worst of all--no big future ahead of him.  Mayor is generally the end of the line.

But hey--consider this!  If Sly James succeeds in somehow conning the public into extending his Toy Train down to the Plaza, then the fake paid protesters will be able to ride, for free, all the way from Nichols Fountain to 12th St!  Then they just have to manage to drag their bought-and-paid-for protest signs and their giant papier mache effigies of President Trump four blocks from Main to Oak.  (Nobody had time to make those artworks that fast.)

Because the truth is--KC is not a walking town.  And protesters really never walk very far.  It's too hard on the TV News crews to capture and edit that much footage.  Thepaid protesters were handed those signs.  They were handed those effigy artworks and the matches.  They were paid to walk.  By the mischief maker man who visited Obama's White House 342 times the past eight years.  It's all a fake.  Just like the Ferguson protests.  Paid by outside agitators.

OK.  If you "feel Sly's pain", send a sympathy card to your homeless hopeless mayor.  Or drop it off at 108 W. 30th St.  But don't bother to make it a Hallmark card.  You only do that 'When you care enough...to send the very best.'

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Call every cat lover you know. See "Feral Love" one time only, Wed. Nov.9 at 7:35 at KIFF Film Fest, Glenwood Arts/Ranchmart South

OK, I'm calling the race.  Alot of folks are howling and sad about Hillary Clinton's defeat.  Meow!!!  What is needed?  To change the channel in their heads--and there's no better way than watching an absorbing story of a so-called  "crazy cat lady" who is also a respected professional musician 'of note'!.  Followed by a free recital.
This devoted and loving cat lover takes pails of food into the underground tunnels of New York City every day, 
The Kansas International Film Festival is winding down at the Glenwood Arts--and still recovering from the HUGE turnout for Ed Asner's visit last Sunday.  (There were actually more fans who came to see Ed Asner and "My Friend, Ed", than turned out to see Hillary Clinton's rally in KCMO last month.  So that tells you everything you needed to know.)
CJ Scheppers, projectionist at Glenwood Arts for KIFF, filmed the line of fans who turned out Sunday to see Ed Asner and his documentary, "My Friend, Ed".  The line was hours long, far longer than the voters who showed up Tuesday  at the precinct voting location which was right behind that blue sign!  Or for Hillary's rally with the Baptist ministers a month ago in KCMO.
There are seven feature films left at KC's 16th annual film festival for independent movies and shorts and animations.  And the very best remaining film --in my opinion--is FERAL LOVE, which like all the KIFF indie films,  with the exception of two of the 35 features that won Jury Awards, are screened only once.

"Feral Love: the Documentary" screens Wednesday only, at 7:35pm--
*  the documentary is 71 minutes long--
*  and THEN there is a Q and A, with Director Markie Hancock and Dorian Rence--
*  and THEN Dorian Rence will play her viola!!!

Now I am biased.  I was a professional violist in the Wichita Symphony.  I won a four year full scholarship to Wichita State based on my playing and my scholastic and leadership activities.  The viola (larger than a violin, and smaller than a cello) has a gorgeous mellow soothing tone.  

Here's the IMDB description:
Crazy cat lady or world-class musician? Dorian Rence smashes our notions of what matters and who counts in 'Feral Love.' A violist with the New York Philharmonic for 40 years, Dorian also cares for a feral cat colony in the tunnels of New York City. You decide. 'Feral Love' follows world-class musician Dorian Rence who has performed with the New York Philharmonic for 40 years while caring for a feral colony of cats in the railroad tunnels of New York City.

'I frankly don't see a big difference between the life of a cat and the life of me' she states as we gradually come to understand and respect her work with ferals and her rise to the elite ranks of professional musicians. Born in Oklahoma to a father who was both a farmer and a clarinet player, Dorian started piano lessons at the age of five and then violin lessons. After acceptance to the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music as a violist, she won her audition with the New York Philharmonic at age 21. 

Dorian was the seventh woman to enter the New York Philharmonic and has played with all the great conductors and soloists including Leonard Bernstein, Pierre Boulez, Zubin Mehta, Luciano Pavarotti, Isaac Stern, Yo Yo Ma, to name a few. "Feral Love" tracks Dorian as she cares for and ultimately rescues the cats in her colony during a particularly brutal winter. We are accompanied on this journey with the gorgeous music of a New York Philharmonic string ensemble featuring Dorian Rence on the viola.

If you would like two free tickets, leave a polite comment on www.kcmopost.com with your name, number and email--and I will try to get them for you.  (Must leave on my web site, not a Tony comment.  Since I screen all comments, I won't publish your name and number, just preview it to reach you.)   Tracy Thomas, publisher.  And KIFF volunteer.