Monday, June 13, 2016

Protestors at VAXXED, the controversial autism/vaccine expose at Glenwood Arts, refused offers of free tickets to see what they were protesting.

One of the most important films you will ever see: VAXXED: From Coverup to Catastrophe is showing ONLY at the Glenwood Arts, ONLY thru Thursday.  12:05, 2:30, 4:40 and 7:05pm.  It was banned at the Tribeca Film Festival, by Sloan Kettering Hospital, a big sponsor who threatened to cancel their sponsorship.  Then AFTER the festival, founder Robert DeNiro, (who has a child with autism but was outvoted) said on the Today Show, "I think this film is something everyone should see."

Class act Glenwood Theatre co-owner Brian Mossman offered free tickets to half a dozen protesters of VAXXED.  The refused to watch the movie, or learn about what they were protesting.  Did Merck the vaccine manufacturer just pay them or their families to protest???

You may think you know what you believe.  I did.  This film changed my mind: I am not against all vaccines.  But we should spread them out, especially for black kids.  I watched with an open mind.  See the pediatrician (they are the vaccine distributors/administrators following the CDC mandated schedule) admit: "I've been lied to by our government.  I've endangered my young patients' lives."

Now I kinda expected controversial Dr. Andrew Wakefield to be a clone of wild-eyed crazy man Clay Chastain, former KC resident zealot for light rail.  He is not!   Wakefield is thoughtful, respectful, and he has strategic suggestions.

Space out the vaccines.  Separate Measles from Mumps from Rubella like we did in the 50's--when autism was 1 in 150,000.  Now its 1 in 67.  Administer one vaccine a year.   Rather than a toxic cocktail of three live virusses.  What could go wrong!  And delay innoculations--not at 15 months for black kids.  A bit later.  Congress needs to call the CDC whistleblower who admits exactly how they fraudulently deleted data and cooked the books.  And, end Vaccine Court, the 1986 US law that exempts Big Pharma from all damages, based on the CDC's corrupt data.  Those ideas all make great sense, don't they?

The black Mom in the film was compelling--she has twins.  The son had the vaccine and became dangerously disabled autistic.  His twin sister did not receive the vaccine.  She's a genius, playing concertos on the piano.
Hey, Minnie--are those polka dots?  Or measles??  But at least you are not autistic for life!!!!  675 cases of measles vs 1 million kids and families lives ruined by the CDC coverup that subsidizes Merck and other vaccine Big Pharma manufacturers.  One vaccine on the market equals $30 billion in profits.  No wonder Congress sold out to Big Pharma.

I love how the Disney lobby is upset that 675 kids got measles last year at Disneyland.  Well, what about the 1 million kids, mostly boys, who contracted autism the same year?  Where's their lobby???
And now California wants to mandate following the CDC schedule?  Hear the facts.  Change your mind.

Maybe families should wait till their kids are older to be vaccinated, and THEN take 'em to Disneyland.  Or the halls of Congress--to watch the horror show called "Big Pharma Zombies Buy Your Congressman and Suck His Blood."  (Maybe that will play this fall, Nov. 4-10 at the Ks. International Film Festival at the Glenwood Arts.)

MANY thanks to www. for posting a 30 min. review video.  You may see it at his post for Sunday at 5:30am.

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  1. Autism is caused by estrogen poisoning, which is why it effects more boys than girls. Estrogen is in our plastics & in our drinking water. If you give a boy a bottle of water, you are poisoning him.

  2. That's why your name is anonymous because you don't know what the hell you are talking about!
    The shots caused Autism and they are still covering it up!

  3. Google "autism + estrogen". Educate yourself.


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