Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Call every cat lover you know. See "Feral Love" one time only, Wed. Nov.9 at 7:35 at KIFF Film Fest, Glenwood Arts/Ranchmart South

OK, I'm calling the race.  Alot of folks are howling and sad about Hillary Clinton's defeat.  Meow!!!  What is needed?  To change the channel in their heads--and there's no better way than watching an absorbing story of a so-called  "crazy cat lady" who is also a respected professional musician 'of note'!.  Followed by a free recital.
This devoted and loving cat lover takes pails of food into the underground tunnels of New York City every day, 
The Kansas International Film Festival is winding down at the Glenwood Arts--and still recovering from the HUGE turnout for Ed Asner's visit last Sunday.  (There were actually more fans who came to see Ed Asner and "My Friend, Ed", than turned out to see Hillary Clinton's rally in KCMO last month.  So that tells you everything you needed to know.)
CJ Scheppers, projectionist at Glenwood Arts for KIFF, filmed the line of fans who turned out Sunday to see Ed Asner and his documentary, "My Friend, Ed".  The line was hours long, far longer than the voters who showed up Tuesday  at the precinct voting location which was right behind that blue sign!  Or for Hillary's rally with the Baptist ministers a month ago in KCMO.
There are seven feature films left at KC's 16th annual film festival for independent movies and shorts and animations.  And the very best remaining film --in my opinion--is FERAL LOVE, which like all the KIFF indie films,  with the exception of two of the 35 features that won Jury Awards, are screened only once.

"Feral Love: the Documentary" screens Wednesday only, at 7:35pm--
*  the documentary is 71 minutes long--
*  and THEN there is a Q and A, with Director Markie Hancock and Dorian Rence--
*  and THEN Dorian Rence will play her viola!!!

Now I am biased.  I was a professional violist in the Wichita Symphony.  I won a four year full scholarship to Wichita State based on my playing and my scholastic and leadership activities.  The viola (larger than a violin, and smaller than a cello) has a gorgeous mellow soothing tone.  

Here's the IMDB description:
Crazy cat lady or world-class musician? Dorian Rence smashes our notions of what matters and who counts in 'Feral Love.' A violist with the New York Philharmonic for 40 years, Dorian also cares for a feral cat colony in the tunnels of New York City. You decide. 'Feral Love' follows world-class musician Dorian Rence who has performed with the New York Philharmonic for 40 years while caring for a feral colony of cats in the railroad tunnels of New York City.

'I frankly don't see a big difference between the life of a cat and the life of me' she states as we gradually come to understand and respect her work with ferals and her rise to the elite ranks of professional musicians. Born in Oklahoma to a father who was both a farmer and a clarinet player, Dorian started piano lessons at the age of five and then violin lessons. After acceptance to the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music as a violist, she won her audition with the New York Philharmonic at age 21. 

Dorian was the seventh woman to enter the New York Philharmonic and has played with all the great conductors and soloists including Leonard Bernstein, Pierre Boulez, Zubin Mehta, Luciano Pavarotti, Isaac Stern, Yo Yo Ma, to name a few. "Feral Love" tracks Dorian as she cares for and ultimately rescues the cats in her colony during a particularly brutal winter. We are accompanied on this journey with the gorgeous music of a New York Philharmonic string ensemble featuring Dorian Rence on the viola.

If you would like two free tickets, leave a polite comment on with your name, number and email--and I will try to get them for you.  (Must leave on my web site, not a Tony comment.  Since I screen all comments, I won't publish your name and number, just preview it to reach you.)   Tracy Thomas, publisher.  And KIFF volunteer.

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