Thursday, November 10, 2016

Poor homeless Mayor James: No Hillary to coattail Cleaver to WDC new cabinet job, thus Sly can't run to replace Cleaver in Congress! Time to actually BUY a home in KCMO?

The saddest clown in town is clearly Mayor Sly James.
Mayor Sly James tugs on his bow tie...
His secret plan to ride the glory train to Washington was thwarted by the election of Donald Trump.

When will voters and taxpayers demand their Mayor actually BUY a home here???
Did you ever wonder why your mayor does not OWN a home in KCMO???  (He rents, on Union Hill.  108 E. 30th St.--where there are often campaign signs for friendly Dems and his endless tax increases.)  He sold his famous home on Mannheim Road in Hyde Park, the one where he was then caught early this year during his re-election campaign, by Clay Chastain's campaign for being delinquent on paying property taxes on two beater cars.

You know about that.  The election board --and the media--simply ignored the clear violation.  Because Sly's opponents were The General, a homeless man with no phone number who slept on friends' extra beds or at the motel on The Paseo.  And Clay Chastain, who lived in Virginia, and slept at his sister's house when he occasionally visited KCMO.  (at least we hope it's a separate bed...)

The plan that fell apart:
Run for an easy re-election, since the 1000 other lawyers in town sat it out.  Check.  How hard was that?
Then support Hillary for President.
Congressman Cleaver was then hoping to be appointed to either a cabinet position OR some department head or a job with either the Clinton Foundation or the Obama Foundation.
He's already locked up HIS lifetime pension, having served more than two terms.
And when the appointment job would be over, Cleaver could then become a lobbyist, like Senator Blunt, and have Dianne Cleaver and a couple of kids also become lobbyists.  It's all still legal. And rotten.

Sly James then hoped and planned and prayed and EXPECTED to be APPOINTED by the Dem. Central Committee to replace Cleaver in Congress--from which he could then run in 23 months for re-election--as an incumbent.

He and his wife could then move to WDC!  Buy a home THERE!~!!
Better parties, more fun.  And a much longer mass transit train to ride for years--at taxpayer expense.

And, like Kansas' senior Senator, Pat Roberts has done for years, just RENT in his home district.  In fact, Roberts only rents a room and a Barcalounger in a sycophant's home in Garden City.  Not even a whole house!!
Sly James hoped to buy this Barcalounger to keep in a back badroom of a rented condo in KC when he went to Congress on Clinton's and Cleaver's generous coattails...

Well, as the Norwegians say, "Uffda!"  (Jews say "oy veh".    Same diff.)

So now Sly James is stuck in purgatory: KCMO--with a crumbling infrastructure, no sugar daddies or Queen Hillary to support him.  And worst of all--no big future ahead of him.  Mayor is generally the end of the line.

But hey--consider this!  If Sly James succeeds in somehow conning the public into extending his Toy Train down to the Plaza, then the fake paid protesters will be able to ride, for free, all the way from Nichols Fountain to 12th St!  Then they just have to manage to drag their bought-and-paid-for protest signs and their giant papier mache effigies of President Trump four blocks from Main to Oak.  (Nobody had time to make those artworks that fast.)

Because the truth is--KC is not a walking town.  And protesters really never walk very far.  It's too hard on the TV News crews to capture and edit that much footage.  Thepaid protesters were handed those signs.  They were handed those effigy artworks and the matches.  They were paid to walk.  By the mischief maker man who visited Obama's White House 342 times the past eight years.  It's all a fake.  Just like the Ferguson protests.  Paid by outside agitators.

OK.  If you "feel Sly's pain", send a sympathy card to your homeless hopeless mayor.  Or drop it off at 108 W. 30th St.  But don't bother to make it a Hallmark card.  You only do that 'When you care send the very best.'

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