Wednesday, September 9, 2015 salutes the late Dr. Wayne Dyer--major fundraiser for KCPT. Watch his movie, The Shift, online for free all this MONTH.

Many in Kansas City watched KCPT-Ch. 19 fundraiser weeks, year after year, and got to know Wayne Dyer that way.  He generously gave away so many books and movies in support of educational television.  KCPT had many years of fundraiser hosts, including a violinist conductor who looked, to me at least, like a pirate.  But I believe Wayne Dyer's presentations generated the most revenues, which have happily kept KCPT on the air and growing.

Wayne's interviews with a woman he discovered, and got her story published by Hay House, Anita Moorjani, were especially moving.  Moorjani had a very vivid "I came back from the dead" story and the two of them told that to the world.

You may also recall that Dr. Dyer shared how he was diagnosed about five years ago with leukemia and was given 7 months to live.  Instead of traditional medical treatment, he took a spiritual healing treatment from a celebrated holy man, John of God, in south America.  And, according to Wayne, he was healed.

So I am happy to report to all the skeptics out there: that Wayne Dyer died.  And not from leukemia!  He had a heart attack.  A much more electrical exit from this plane of existence.
He went out like a firework.  So here is the link to Katy Perry's song, Baby You're a Firework.  It has been viewed 613 MILLION times.  Pretty amazing video and the entire set of lyrics really echo what Wayne was always talking about. "You don't have to feel like a waste of space...some day, like a lightning bolt your heart will blow....   "

Baby, You're a Firework

Some of you may find me, in particular, a bit dark in my writing some days.  But I can assure you, I am motivated to nudge all of us to speak out and make Kansas City a much better place.   I launched this second blog,, (sister to out of a burst of anger at the 1%'ers (like Stan Kroenke, this week's Public Enemy #1, who keep making tax grabs.  I am committed to devising strategies and organizing the silent majority into stopping those practices that are destroying the middle class here.  It won't always be pretty.  We will name names.  But I hope that it will make a difference.

My former minister at Unity of Overland Park, Rev. Mary Omwake, now lives on Maui.  She often went to the movies with Wayne, and Deepak Chopra.  She hangs with some pretty cool company. And is a confidant of 84 year old Ram Dass, also on Maui.  Mary emailed yesterday that a gathering spiritual team there on Maui is at work organizing big sendoffs for Wayne--around the world, including a big event in New York Nov. 14.

Not bad for a kid whose single mother sent him and his two brothers to an orphanage at age 3.  At age 50, Wayne quit his tenured professor job--walked away from a job for life that did not light him up.   He drove to Alabama to visit the grave of the father, who had abandoned the family--and FORGAVE him.  That day, he 'invented a more empowering interpretation' for what happened to him and his brothers.  That decision to affirm rather than to resent, is what  allowed Wayne to say that his father's abandonment was the greatest gift he ever received.  It launched the whole second act of his great life.

Just now I learned that through his publisher, Hay House, (thank you, Louise Hay and Reid Treacy) they are allowing the world to view Wayne's most popular movie, THE SHIFT, online FOR FREE NOW THRU SEPT 30.   (Originally it was just for a week, now extended.)

So even if you watched it years ago, it's worth another viewing. Or sharing with a loved one.   Since it is more auditory than visual, I listened to the voice track while writing this post.

Watch Wayne Dyer's movie, The Shift, online for free thru Sept 30

And may you find the courage to do something outrageous this week.  Insist on living a life that lights you up, until you, too, burst into sparks, LIKE A FIREWORK.

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