Friday, October 16, 2015

Deffenbaugh customers: save $1.50 per week by reading this one post! Instead of buying paper bags, just label a trash can with YW, one per week allowed

I hate paying for those paper trash bags.  So I was thrilled to learn I can put all my twigs and a few leaves in my ratty old trash can, max. 30 gallons, and the third Deffenbaugh truck--the one just for Yard Waste will empty it and leave it.  (So not the black lid bin for trash, and not the yellow lid bin for some recyclables but not glass).  This is the third truck: YW.

That saves any smart homeowner $1.50 per week.  At least during what they call "yard waste season" which is everything except January thru March.  Nine full months, same as a full term baby!

Now you might wonder, why not January thru March?  Don't we all have brush and twigs from winter winds?  Of course we do.  But a little know fact I gleaned when I was on the Shawnee City Council for five long years, was this:  Many workers at Deffenbaugh are Mexicans, not US citizens.  They are allowed to come here on temporary visas.  They live in very bare bones communal housing, often small homes, ten workers to a home, ringing the landfill which is in Shawnee.

And their visas are stored in the company safe.  That was all set up by Dennis Moore, when he was Ron Deffenbaugh's attorney, long before he became the Congressman representing Johnson and Wyandotte Counties.

And the Mexicans must return home for three months, and then return, like monarch butterflies.  So, they go home January through March each year.  (And who wouldn't like a vacation in a warmer clime?)

So Deffenbaugh's staffing is down, every year in first quarter.  And that is the secret reason why no yard waste pickups, other than their special Christmas tree collection.  If there is an ice storm, cities make extra provisions for a special "drag it to the curb" pickup.

Of course, it depends on exactly what contract you or your HOA have with Deffenbaugh.  Forget the website, save time and just call and they look up your address.  913/631-3300.  

I am grateful for Deffenbaugh's Yard Waste trash can policy.  It keeps some people from cheating--eg hiding yard waste in a black bin.  The supervisor explained, you can even use a little five gallon bucket for twigs--but if you don't use a marker to write YW on the side, for YARD WASTE--then you won't get your bucket back.

This is in fact my happiest trash time of the year.  From October thru December, here in Shawnee I can leave a total of 10 yard waste items, rather than the usual eight.  So, nine bundles of limbs (I am a champion lopper) plus my dependable turquoise YW trash barrel.

Life is good.  Thank you, Deffenbaugh.  Miss you Ronnie...


  1. Nice part of this is if it rains the can won't get soggy and break open making a mess at the end of the drive way when they show up and try to pick up the bag.

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  3. This just in: Defenbaugh now accepts yard waste even in the months of Jan, Feb and March. Their very helpful CS Manager just reported they are a very green company, but no longer reliant on workers with green cards!!!

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