Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Edge of Hell and The Beast are open late--P&L Royals fans can visit after games Sat and Sun nights--support our World Class home town haunted houses too

I used to do the advertising for The Edge of Hell and The Beast--for several decades.  And I know how hard it was on Monty Summers' family owned business, back in 1985--when the Royals were in the I-70 World Series.

These are world class operations--the Summers family, including Monty's brilliant niece, Amber Bequeaith, (yep, she used up all the vowels in Scrabble) have taken the haunted house industry to new heights of technology and psychological thriller entertainment.  They are the best operators of the undisputed best haunted houses in the country.  Just like our Royals team.

When you operate a seasonal business, and your target market is glued to the TV--and even the streets of Kansas City are deserted--it's very hard to survive.Fortunately, Halloween is not the biggest night of the year for haunted houses.  Many families are trick or treating, going for the free candy.

That said, I note that The Edge of Hell and The Beast--plus Macabre Cinema, the third haunted house owned by Full Moon Productions, are all open both this Sat. and Sun. nights.

They do not LIST how late.  (That saves you a phone call.  Trust me, they will keep the doors open as long as there are customers in line.)

I have been down there with Rat Man and BeetleJuice and all those screaming teens until 1am--so if you want some fun, and being scared really IS fun, well, just head from the P&L down the 12th St. Bridge, and show up.

Friday night's game was over at a very reasonable time--gosh, just 9 innings!  And win or lose, it's not like you can just go to sleep.  Royals fans have pent up energy.

Now personally, The Beast has long been my favorite, because getting lost in that Werewolf Forest for 20 minutes really drives up my abandonment anxiety.  They do finally send it staff to escort you to the next path.  And at the Edge of Hell, those vertigo bridges freak me out every time.

Live giant anacondas, hauled here from the Amazon.  Oh and that squeezing tunnel--a real heart-pounder.

Tell the Rat Man that Tracy sent you...

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