Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Chute and...techie job ladders = curtains for the Star. Yet another cyber-nail in their coffin as KCNext free tech job portal proves the Star is irrelevant to business community.

Hooray for Chute.  The suits who own KC's technology businesses have now launched the free job portal to recruit the best tech talent to support our Silicon Prairie.

Old paradigm:  (from My Fair Lady, the movie based on George Bernard Shaw's play, in case you don't recall), sing it with me now....
"The rain 
in Spain
stays mainly
on the plain..."

New paradigm:
The suits
from Chutes 
are in kahoots
since the STAR's business coverage 
is kaput... 

KCNext is the technology council of greater Kansas City.
Chutekc.com is their new web site.
(I'd have named it chutes, plural, But they didn't ask me.  Oh well, if you Google 'chutes kc' it takes you there anyway.  Maybe they'll buy the second domain and link it.  They have techies who can figger that out.)

Facts:  Nobody reads the KC STAR, especially folks 18-34.  I'm not talking classifieds, I'm talking news stories, even online.  Free or not.  McClatchey, the owners, clearly just don't care about local coverage. Do we really think tomorrow's leaders are reading their gulag section ?  the  online press release section of the Star?  Right, after playing a fast game of SuperMarioBrothers.

The STAR is really just USA Today for geezers who can't drink enough coffee to have their morning BM without newsprint ink on their hands.

The STAR's business coverage is thinner than Joe Biden's hair.  And as for editorials, does anyone care what Yael Abouhalkah or Steve Rose thinks?  I think not.  The Star used to lead this town.  Not at all nowadays.

Our local tech businesses have stuck a spear in that dinosaur, and invented a far more effective way to share news and recruit tech talent.  Chutekc.com is the fast free way to get news and find jobs.  It also promotes our hipster Crossroads lifestyle for that generation that loves to hunt for a parking space.

(Come to think of it...why doesn't the KCMO City Council allow the vote to stop the Helzberg TIF for an architectural firm, which is what voters will say, and then invite know it all noblesse oblige rich gal Shirley "First Time Developer" Helzberg to pony up and lead: just pay her taxes and build a great HQ for a tech firm instead??)

Here are the FAQ's from Chutekc.com

Lookie here! 15 groups that connect you with tech jobs, w/o reading the STAR

This could be big.  They are rolling out here, but this will spread faster than a new app for deep discounts on Viagra, to every tech village in the US.

Now the only thing left is:

Can KCNext figure out what to do NEXT with the STAR's glass HQ off Truman Road at Grand?  Maybe a Chutes and Ladders style indoor waterpark, ala Schlitterbahn?

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