Monday, August 1, 2016

Windows 10 upgrade still free: to those with "Assistive Disabilities". So if you used glasses to read this, it's not too late!

Whew.  There is a benevolent God.  It's not too late!!!

Windows 10 free upgrade, for Windows 7 and 8 users, technically ended last Friday, July 29.  Yikes, I thought it was gonna be the actual END of the month, which was Sunday!

Well, I discovered ONE of my old laptops hadn't taken the upgrade. I had clicked upgrade, but it failed to load.  Panic!  Not gonna buy an upgrade for a backup unit.  Then I read about the loophole.  And it's not asking you to lie.  Technically, glasses are an assistive device according to someone. After all, it's mandatory to disclose on your driver's license.   You do not have to even answer the question.  Just get to the free link.

Click here for the free extended upgrade to Windows 10.

Now I was a skeptic, and a late adopter.  I waited ten months for fifteen millions of others to work out the bugs.  And I must admit, I do like Windows 10.  They fixed the problems.  None of my files disappeared.

And while I haven't used Cortana, I like Windows 10.  Which IS supported by Microsoft, whereas now Windows 7 and 8 are not.  Note to Luddites: Cortana is Microsoft's search engine, like Apple's Siri or Google's OK Google.  I'm a loyal Google gal.  And I despise Bing.

But in order for Cortana to work like Siri does on an iPhone, you must have a mike working on your computer, (I don't.  Neither a microphone nor a guy named Mike.)  And it creeps me out, knowing that the only way Cortana can listen to you is to LISTEN ALL THE TIME!  Like with a seven second delay.  Even while you are shouting at the dogs.

And yes, even when one is reading Savage Love columns out loud from The Pitch--you know, to improve your vocabulary and use of initials and public speaking skills.
Yes, Cortana!  Yes!!!  Search harder!  --said no one, ever.

And for the record, I now appreciate how HARD Tony works finding free photos to illustrate his great blog.

Now we do not know how long this back door free upgrade will be available.  Don't push your luck.



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