Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sly says123GOBonds free sidewalks expire when the money runs out!

Play this as you read!

Chaos is coming to KCMO!!!!!!!!!!!
If you thought the nudie cutie teaser photos on were hot, grab your cell phone and head downtown to City Hall.

Last night at the State of the City speech, Mayor Sly James let it slip--he thinks citizens will only get free sidewalks as long as the money lasts!

OMG---A freebie with limits??  
                                Last one on the express elevator at City Hall to the 28th floor 
                                         has to pay $14000 assessment --for her new sidewalk.

Can you image the stampedes?
We haven't seen provocative lobbying like this since Cathy Jolly worked for a New York minute across the street for Mike Sanders!  (no photos available.  Her hubby is running to replace Sly James so she deleted herself from Google.)

Troy Schulte, KCMO City Manager told Dave Helling that HE is the Decider--not Sly James!!!!  And Schulte says he intends to take two years to make the lists.
Can you imagine Brookside yoga-obsessed housewives sneaking up to the 28th floor,the City Manager's office,  and ripping off their TJMaxx lycra hoodies and stretch bras-- to offer Troy Schulte lap dances in order to get on The Free Sidewalk List?

We haven't had hot sex in City Hall since barefoot Gloria Squitiro quit doing the nasty with Mayor Mark Funkhouser after hours on the 29th floor.

And what's that delicious smell?  Oh, trays of homemade meatloaf from Ward Parkway PTA presidents?  Italian mamas from Out Northeast, bringing in their special Sugo sauce recipe, trying to get THEIR sidewalk on Troy's short list!

The first time we saw a gravy train like this was the Three Wisemen trekking to Jerusalem for the census.
And of course, the most poignant List story was that great film, Schindler's List...

Now some folk will be fooled, thinking currently slim Sly James, our weak mayor,  at 108 E 30th St. is the Listmaker.  So another ant trail of Beseeching Bedroom Community Babes will head there.  Note:  Linwood Costco is just 6 blocks south of where Sly James rents a home on Union Hill.  Costco has sensational lasagna.  Just sayin...

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