Monday, May 15, 2017

WANNA CRY? Chill for 3 weeks--EVERY PC computer is slow, due to international ransomware crisis.

There's no need to join the queue at MicroCenter in OP, or waste too much of your personal computer guru's time.  And there's no need to cry.
Will the WannaCry ransomware seize my baby photos?
The world is at war, a computer war.  Between some very smart hackers working with a crime syndicate all over the world.  They are hijacking major websites and demanding millions in ransom be paid in three days, or that government or bank or Great Britain's National Health System loses all their backups and access.

And get this, the required WannaCry ransom is to be paid only in Bitcoin.
Worse yet, some desperate sites have actually paid the ransom!
And worser still, (as my niece says), the men from WannaCry ransomware have learned a thing or two from Big Pharma, and they offer payment plans or scholarships if you can't raise the dough in three days to start your extortion payment plan.

Read SLATE story about WannaCry ransomware here

This issue is so "yuge" that instead of his usual Sat. am tweets, while his Jewish son-in-law, The Jared, and Trump's daughter/wife,Ivanka, were at temple, Trump actually phoned other countries' leaders, trying to settle this problem.  Including not protecting known cybercriminals in their respective countries, but collaborating in tracking them down.

Now personally, I have nothing worth hiding on my PCs.  And I don't have any Bitcoin.  (And since it's virtual currency only, the plural is bitcoin, not bitcoins.  Though I do believe some were actually awarded to a local data storage bank, NetStandard, the brick fortress on Merriam Lane--which won a manufacturing and storage contest worth 25 free Bitcoin, for completing complicated math problems in record time.  But that's another post.  I read it in the New York Times.  So it must be true, at least to someone who used to be a Democrat.)

But back to pain.  I am finding my PC quite slow.  How about yours????

In the morning, my coffee is cold before the PC and in particular Gmail will open up.  And searching is as slow as dial-up.  (Dear millenials, you have no idea how tough life used to be with dial-up internet access.  Stop your whining.)

What to do about your slow PC???
MY computer guru, Rick Peterson at Brand-Central Marketing, told me to just chill. Google and Microsoft have way bigger problems than not-so-little and not-truly-old me.  They are saving the free world.

In the meantime, mostly to feel like I am doing "something", I have become obsessive about two tasks every day, sometimes twice a day.  No, it's not brushing and flossing.  I do that four times a day anyway.

I use CCleaner.
And I clear my browsing history.

I also pray for geezers who are still using unsupported Windows XP which lost support 3 years ago, before we were forced to convert to Windows 10.  (read one of my earlier posts to find out how to do that now, for free, if the 'Windows 10 free upgrade link' still works.  You must post as "disabled" as in "need glasses".  Not much of a stretch, considering most people and their ethics.)

That's all I got.  Oh yeah, and doing butt crunches while I search.

Buns of steel in Shawnee.
Tracy "Patience" Thomas.

Yup.  Patience is my middle name.

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