Friday, October 27, 2017

Desperate stealth campaign for NewKCI can be beat! From $1 million now $1.6 million, including extorted $ from Edgemoor without contract. And Southwest refuses to admit their ruse to leave town.

The campaign manager for Yes on NewKCI is in HideFromThePublic mode.  Mark Nivens of The Dover Group ("I work for Sly James"), is furiously and very PRIVATELY courting the 18% of KCMO residents who even use KCI.
Can Sly James' $1.6 million man
fool the 18% of KCMO residents
into voting for the corrupt New KCI??

With polling in a statistical dead heat (just 51%), his strategy is to give up on changing minds.  Just browbeat the silk stocking districts 4 and 6 (river to 435, State Line to Troost) into voting yes.

The Yes campaign is bloated with cash and hopelessly short of time.  They reported today (at a Chamber Centurion (brainwashing/KumBaYahhhhh)  campaign update session which did not allow discussion of Burns&Mac corruption or Sly James' mismanagement) that they now have soared to $1.6 million in campaign slush, which will be spent at a preposterous rate of "96% direct voter contact"!!!!""

Plus, his fees, of course.  Which might also kick back, eventually, to Nevins'  perpetual sugar daddy boss, Sly James, for future campaigns.  Or who knows?  Perhaps a lifetime salary or stipend of payoffs since James is a lame duck with no future jobs on the horizon.

So what do the desperate business and labor goons get for their $1.6 million?
(Higher by far than the $900,000 they just forked over to pass 123GO Bonds)--

Well, off the top, cash bribes of $65,000 to Freedom (they clearly sold out too cheap)
and now 10 promised postcard mailers (deforestation of three counties in Missouri)
leaves what:
4% for TV, since that is NOT "direct voter contact".

This NewKCI campaign is a desperate effort to fool SOME of the people (18%) some of the time.

The late Steve Glorioso begged Sly James to wait till April to run this campaign.
The council delayed, insisting that the public wanted to know who the contractor was.
(Sly was stubborn--he and cohort in crime Jolie Justus rammed thru Burns & Mac, financed by Mike Merriman's dinky insurance company downtown--worth only $6 billion and no airport experience, strutting around claiming they could easily finance $1 billion?)
Is Southwest Airlines hiding something
from its captive KCI passengers??  
Do they want to hold us hostage to huge fare increases??
And what's so hard about fixing the bathrooms?
                    That doesn't cost $536 million.  
        A handyman from your church could do that...

Enter Southwest Airlines.  Their threat is proving hollow.
They secretly told Sly James that if he didn't get this done this November, they would PULL FLIGHTS FROM KCI.

Yet today it was revealed, Southwest is unwilling to hold a press conference to say that.

Their rush job was clearly a big bluff.  No way is Southwest gonna piss off KCI passengers before Christmas!  And they're not leaving, giving up their Russian fist style control of half of our gates.  In fact, their long term goal, in cutting down the gates to 35 from 68 we own now, and offering to finance the bonds, is to drive OTHER airlines away!  And drive up rates.  Holding us hostage.

So stick with the strategy:
If someone phones you (or knocks on your door), LIE and say, "Of course I'm voting yes!"
Then gather friends and family and go to the polls Tuesday Nov. 7 and VOTE NO.
The city will be forced to come back with a much better plan.


Voters WILL defeat corrupt NewKCI. How Bartle Hall passed by 18 votes thanks to Bernice and the Good Old Girls

This just in, on Ch. 41 news: 
Edgemoor donated $60,000 toward the YES campaign, which has raised $1 million.

They do not have a signed contract with the city.

So is this a case of extortion by the campaign committee? (I am implying that it is!--one more use to go...)

This whole campaign stinks. I love that the YES people, Sly and the council and labor and Freedom, and the contractor are so uncertain about the virtue of their proposal that they are throwing $1.6 million bucks (this just in as of 9:30 am 10/27/17 per Mark Nevins the yes vote campaign chairman).

The polls must be showing it is losing or close to losing.

When you get your nightly polling phone calls, push whatever numbers on your phone you must to IMPLY that you are on board with this pig of a proposal. Then in the privacy of the voting booth, vote NO.

The pollsters will INFER that you are for it. Ha!

You are so close to defeating this. Mike White won his county commission seat by one vote. We call him Mandate Mike.

And Bartle Hall passed by 18 votes, but those were kinda stolen votes. Back in the day, they had real machines with wheels. Sometimes reading the numbers on the wheels was in question. So my former business partner, politico Jerry Jette, (who taught Pat Gray EVERY trick in the book) was dispatched by Mayor Wheeler to go to the election board while the election staff peered at the numbers stuck halfway between a higher and a lower number.

Jette knew EXACTLY how many votes he needed. Fourteen. And gave himself a cushion of four more. He flirted with the old gals in the Election Board office, "Hi Bernice--how's your son George doing? I hope that summer job we got for him helped you out! He hugged, he cajoled, and he counted. All the while, Bernice and Agnes and Carmella and the Good Old Girls from Redemtorist Parish and St. Elizabeths were deciding--is that a 7 or a 6? 

"Jerry, I think...hmmmm...(dramatic pause and a wink) I'm gonna say it's a 7!"
"Good girl, Bernice!"

Of course it was completely arbitrary. Like hanging chad in Florida. No money changed hands. It was all flattery and comraderie and friendship and years and years spent at neighborhood parishes and St. Patrick's Day events and St. Joseph's tables, etc.

The minute Jette scored 18 more votes, he said, "Gotta meet the Mayor at Italian Gardens for lunch!" Hugs all around. 

And that is how the city of KCMO won that election to build Bartle Hall on a cold December day.

So what's a little white lie to a phone surveyor or someone knocking on your door. 
Vote NO and force the city to come back with a much BETTER PLAN. They are IMPLYING they will just give up for the next 50 years. That's bullshit. 

Vote No for something better. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Lie to any phone pollsters. Claim you are voting YES on KCI. Then phone 3 voting friends. Vote NoNov.7. This can be accomplished as underground campaign.

It's clear that the city of KCMO has gone over the cliff--and cannot be relied upon to support its citizens.   They have sold you out and are in LaLaLand listening to wind chimes they ordered (on your credit card) from Amazon.

YOU can defeat the poor plan for KCI--with a DIY underground railroad campaign.
Never underestimate the power of determined people
to saved a loved one.
In this case, KCI that needs remodelling, not destruction.
Load your voting friends in your car--and VOTE NO!
Find a way!  No need to advertise it.  Just GitErDone.

This has been done before, when we the taxpayers defeated the bloated giveaway to multi-millionaires that would have been BiStateII.  And we did it again when we the taxpayers defeated the even crazier Big Soccer giveaway to multi-millionaires.

We had no signs.  In each campaign, we spent a total of $12,000 on postcards, thanks entirely to Taxpayer Crusader and movie maker Phillip Klein, and my working for free to badger the news media and respond to news outlets and demand the opposition voice be heard.

It's all about voter turnout.
One household, one neighbor at a time.  Call three friends and meet with three neighbors--but make sure first of all that they are even registered to vote...  Get them to promise to vote, and follow up with them.  Drive them if need be.  Support one another in voting NO.  Make a homemade yard sign.  Or not.  (See below).*

The good news?  Steve Glorioso is dead.  The Yes campaign has written a big ass check to Big Ass Jeff Roe--who is doing nothing but eating Twinkies.  Just like Steve Glorioso and Pat Gray, many times those so-called politicos are paid off just to keep them from working for the opposition.  That appears to be the case this time.

More good news: Channel 9's Micheal Mahoney is starting to challenge the preposterousness of the YES folks' lies--that KC "needs" more flights.   And so is the only decent reporter at the STAR:  Steve Vockrodt. When the ballot issue would build just 35 gates, down from the 68 we own, and the 45 we currently operate.

Clearly, the Edgemoor "tossed salad/copycat plan" is a copy of the Burns & Mac Trojan Horse.  Build LESS but call it more.  And just keep lying  through your teeth to the voters and the cowed KCMO City Council and the naive news media--and hope you can squeak through.

It's pretty obvious to a third grader that if they were so sure they're gonna win, they wouldn't need to send out postcards that lie.

So here's another secret strategy:  If you get a phone call from an anonymous survey company?  LIE RIGHT BACK AT THEM.  TELL THEM YOU ARE VOTING YES!  The voting booth is still secret--I don't think Russians have found Kansas City Missouri yet.

*Take the yard sign that the Yes committee offers you--and hide it in your garage-- till after election day.  That milks them out of $3.95 hustled from the Gimme coalition.  Don't trash it till AFTER the election.
These folks are not running from a distant parking garage
to catch a flight at a new, far-less-convenient KCI,
where folks are herded like cattle
for the convenience of cheap airlines
cramming us into their 14 inch wide seats. 
Nope, these are voters voting NO on November 7! 
Because that is the message we need to send
to the bought-and-paid-for KCMO City Council. 
  Stop letting our convenient airport run down. 
Fix the bathrooms at Southwest Airlines!
And stop lying to the voters that building 35 gates
rather than the 45 we operate now
and the 68 we OWN,
would be "progress"!!!

We can do this.  How do you think slavery got outlawed?  The underground railroad.  Long before the Lying Ass KCI Contraction Billed as an Expansion.