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The Rush Chronicles: Chapter 1. Radio sales exec Tom Bedell reminisces how Rush Limbaugh reinvented Talk Radio from the Top 40 Music Format


What an ending.  What a beginning.  How one creative genius made a difference for Americans.  A personal reminiscence from Tom Bedell, who sold radio advertising in Kansas City and nationally--for 31 years.

What an ending.  Not many are able to claim equal parts adulation and disdain as they leave the living behind. As he was in life, Rush is, in death, still the source of such conflicting thought. To some he was a prophet, while others believed him a devil. Great man, miserable human, leader, enabler, patriot, traitor…just a few of the words used to describe him. Viewed through the audiences’ personal prisms they were surely accurate. Good or bad. But I hold a different view of the late Rush Limbaugh. To me he was just one thing and it was neither good nor bad. He was a broadcaster. Maybe the best of all time.

Early in his national syndication with only around 50 stations airing him I had the opportunity to sell his show locally. Even then he was generating controversy. Advertisers loved him or hated him. Those that loved him gladly paid whatever was asked for a spot on his show. Those that hated him threatened to leave the station because we were carrying him. 

 Funny thing, the revenue the lovers generated was more than equal to the threatened losses from those that hated him. The station stayed the course and eventually those advertisers that hated benefited from Rush as the station’s ratings rose because of him. So even those that hated him were profiting from a great broadcaster. Isn’t that what broadcasters are supposed to do? Deliver ears. Rush did that in spades.

Because it was early in his syndication, a few times I found himself in his company. Positive encounters I remember still over 30 years later. One doesn’t soon forget being in the glow of greatness. On one of these occasions, I heard Rush explain a little about how his show was built. He was in town to promote a series of “Rush Rooms,” popular upscale restaurants that held listening parties for the audience. What a deal, the audience paid a surcharge and ordered lunch to listen with fellow “ditto heads” to what they could hear for free in their office or car! Rush was telling the story of his failings and how he overcame them with hard work and creativity.

The creativity is what caught my attention. He explained that he wanted to do something new, something that would take advantage of all he learned as a broadcaster. To do that, he said, he turned to something old. The Top 40 Format. The format he cut his teeth on as a young broadcaster. He knew that the format was successful in part because it created an emotional connection with the audience through the music that was aired. He also knew it was entertaining because of the DJ’s personality and the fun and funny parodies and gags that they employed. He knew that format inside out and what the audience wanted. So, he gave it to them in a newly remodeled Top 40 Format. 


Rush stared at this Top 40 "clock" every hour 
for the first 10 years of his floundering career.
Until he had a new idea...

So how do you transition a music format to talk? That was his genius. He understood that music was not the only way to emotionally connect. Issues can form even deeper bonds. So why not play issues instead of music? And that’s what he did. 

The scheduling template, called “the clock”, dictated what was aired and when. Rush’s genius was, when the Top 40 clock called for a song, Rush would instead read a piece from the news. When the clock said to talk about a song, Rush talked about the issues from the news. When the clock dictated a parody or gag about pop culture, Rush did some of the greatest, BUT they were about the issues. 

And they were funny. For as every great comedian knows, the best comedy is built on a truth. Rush took that truth to the extreme as all great humorists do. The result was you either embraced the truth or ran and hid from it. And Rush did it well, as only a great broadcaster could.

The rest is history. I’ve taken great delight in helping many small local businesses grow…because of Rush. He delivered on the broadcaster’s promise to provide those businesses with customers who spent money. And I made money too. But my greater delight is that I had a front row seat to watch a man who told us he had been down and out in a floundering career for 10 years even before his time in Kansas City, rebuild his life.  

AND in rebuilding his life and reinventing himself, because he was professional and passionate about his calling, he rebuilt an industry. Radio in general became bigger and more profitable because of Rush. Especially AM radio. Because of the ratings and revenues he generated, radio had the resources to become better. Rush was able to achieve all that because he was, in his heart, a broadcaster. Maybe the best of all time.

Tom Bedell

former radio sales exec in Kansas City MO and then for national syndicators for 31 years

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Friday, February 28, 2020

Is Shawnee as clueless as KCMO re affordable housing? Unwilling to halt developer scams? TIFs for "fake luxury" carport apartments? Tied to dying Siamese twin retail projects?

Shawnee's Planning Commission is as clueless as the yup/yup/ho's on the KCMO Council--
No boundaries.  Just rubberstamping of STUPID.
Legal schemes for affordable housing is seeing new examples of drunks-playing-dart-board logic. Even worse than KCMO's failed goofball infill plan for high rises with no offstreet parking--on 25 foot wide lots.
In Joco, retail is broken too.  But that doesn't stop development attorneys from demanding TIF's and CID sales tax kickbacks.  WITHOUT immediate retail! These Brioni-suited vampires insist on still asking.  

1:  To justify their $600/hour fees to developer clients.  
2.  And not be called a pussy by competitors.  Even tho apartments don't generate enough revenues to pay off the TIFs, (think rent control coupons, discounted later.)  They'll just buy off those council members for that, later.  They'll thinka sum thin.  Free billboard sized signs on every corner for your re-election campaign!

Case in point, another John Petersen from Polsinelli project with a dystopian 75th & Quivira in Shawnee.

Now dubbed Westbrooke Green.  Such a historically failed mall.  Tethered to 32 years of real estate vacancies and unleaseable, non-visible space you couldn't read any tenant signs. Behind a two duck pond. Reuse of this name dooms it before the first shovel of dirt.  It is hurting resale values in Shawnee Ward 4...even tho the county just raised appraisals on my street by roughly 8%.  (Yet another reason I left KCMO in 1992!)

Future retail to offset the new TIF was just rubber-stamped by last year's Shawnee Council.  Just how downbranded and lower middle class can Shawnee's reputation in Ward 4 go?
Why didn't they just name it Pearl Harbor Plaza?  Or if it were in KCMO, Wayne Minor/ Major Redo?  

Move to Shawnee's Edsel Pickleball and Carport Plaza 2BR Deluxe! 
A NorthPoint Development project by Mark Pomerenke  and John Petersen

Where Obsolescence Meets Post WWII Luxury and Innovation--
At last, solar lighting on carport vinyl roof.  Free chamois for your dirty doors.

 And to first 50 tenants, free snow and ice brush WITH HOOK on the carport post.

Escape those Frank White mega-appraisals--and KCMO potholes.
Coming in 4 to 8 years: Dillon's graffiti shell to become your
VA Treatment Facility--(thank you, Sharice) so you can walk to treatment!

1.  Westbrooke Green, is owned and managed by Northpoint, and represented by John Petersen, the Polsinelli development atty who has run out of solutions.  At the Monday Mar. 2 meeting of the Shawnee Planning Commission, developers should be strongly admonished to stop using obsolete and clearly failed marketing strategies and language to redline and foment the continuing decline of 75th & Quivira. 

After all, the City is hugely subsidizing this boondoggle...via TIF and CID's.  These proposed apartments are legally tied to the dying Siamese twin real estate failure of long vacant Dillons.  Which the attorney  already conceded they will not lease or promote for at least the next 4 years.  Or perhaps 8 years, based on  Petersen's refusals to pursue tenants in two similar Overland Park projects.  (115th & Nall, and 91st and Metcalf/The Promontory.)

The Planning Commission should DEMAND that Northpoint, which is building these "fake luxury" carport apartments, immediately choose a completely new branding name.  Disassociate and reinvent and upscale 75th & Quivira
A--NOT live in the past, ala Westbrooke VILLAGE, their notoriously 32 year failed outdoor shopping mall.  That name is the kiss of death.

B--Also, do NOT use a confusing, negative name as Westbrooke Green--due to the existing cockroach infested competitive apartments immediately adjacent .  Westbrooke Glen apartments have operated for 10 years or more at 7430 Flint..

Those HUD voucher-subsidized apartments rent for $685 to $1225 per month. 
On weekends, illegal flags on 75th St. promote first month free, and free washer/dryer. 
It's confusing enough to claim that anything with carports is luxury in the least.   
But now neighboring Glen vs. Green?  The two words SOUND so similar.  So close in an alphabetical search.

At least  the investor backing nearby competing developer Kevin Tubbesing woke up.   Convinced egomaniac Tubbesing (glazed expression, wearing a red rose at a Chamber event--not his wedding) there were too many of his Stag "whatever" projects to even keep 'em straight.  
Tubbesing's investor wisely just rebranded his own new luxury carport apartment project in downtown Shawnee---before the shovels dig in this month, as SIXTY16.  Luxury carport apartments in Shawnee.  It's a thang.  Don't tell Lenexa.

There's a Better Way, Shawnee.
You're subsidizing decline and delay.  Don't drag this intersection into the perceived depths of 900 largely subsidized HUD vouchered apartments along 75th St. 

2.  The Planning Commission also needs to require far more than 10 ADA parking spaces out of 587 at Westbrooke Green.
That would not even serve folks with sprained ankles from their proposed outdoor pickleball court. 

Shame on Doug Allmon/Shawnee Community Development Director.  And the Planning Commission, once again.  Last fall they allowed just TWO ADA spots for McLain's Market downtown--which next year will have a  maximum customer occupancy of 172, plus 23 employees.  Preposterously inadequate.
Note:  The public needs to be prepared to be brushed off.
Per current rules, unless the new council intervenes, the Planning Commission has the sole supervisory power over this plan, NOT the Council. 
Homeowners don't know or understand that. 
Sometimes brusque, Chairman Dennis Busby does not even allow the public to speak, eg like this one.  It is an update of a plan.  And not a "public hearing".

see also: Tracy's companion SEO blog:  as well as No More Taxes Shawnee on FB.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Worse than KCMO/KCI? The Great Shawnee Swindle: Contractor Dunn jumps the gun, as a "toddler lawyer" writes Community Center mail-in ballot that may violate Consumer Protection Act 17 ways

Not all the sneaky staffers in cahoots with big time contractors work for KCMO.
Eric Danielson, (we think on the left) is rainmaker for JEDunn.

Shawnee Ks. has their own nest of vipers.  We'll start with the JE Dunn rainmaker, who testified for the Shawnee Community Center as "just a Dad in western Shawnee who promised my kid his first grade birthday party will be there."  Awwwww.

Right!  But only if Eric brings homes the bacon--the contract-- home to HIS "big Daddy", JE Dunn!    Eric Danielson deceived the City Council during his hearing testimony.  He is not just a "concerned Dad."  He is the Director of Business Development for JEDunn, who, WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A BID, is the already annointed builder for the UNAPPROVED, UNPOPULAR AND UNBUILT community center.

Is this a great country or what?  How can we make America ANY greater????  Can anyone say AEComm?  Or Burns and Mac?  How does this shit happen?  Follow the money.

Eric's obviously planning to run for office soon.
On the JEDunn corporate web site, he humbly over-shares:
A fourth generation Kansan, Eric is raising a fifth generation of Kansans in Shawnee along with his wife, Allison.

Oh brother.  As Billy Mays said while shamelessly hustling crap on TV, "But wait!!!  There's MORE!"

He is also the Public Address Announcer for the University of Kansas Men’s Basketball program in Allen Fieldhouse as well as the announcer for Kansas City’s Major League Soccer franchise, Sporting KC, at Sporting Park. 

And clearly, a proud Dad.  His ex-wife's reputation score on is 15 points higher than his.

My Daddy says he is having poor homeowners miles away raise their taxes forever, so he and his boss, Mr. Dunn, can build me a party room for my birthday!  My Dad's the bestest Dad ever.

 I love this pic, with his son. 

Now, son, remember, you can't tell ANYone I work for Mr. Dunn till we con the poor people east of 435 into voting yes on May 21!  Now shut up and hammer.  Or no chocolate cake for you.  

Next in the line-up, you know how KCMO hires lawyers who may not know much law, but like a good sandwich maker at Subway, they know which side their bread is buttered on?

So meet: Tyler Ellsworth.  It's not like Shawnee got the A-Team when they assigned the ballot wording job to young Tyler.  Gosh, this "toddler lawyer" just passed the Kansas Bar three years and 7 months ago!

I am cutting my teeth on this Shawnee Community Center ballot wording, says Tyler Ellsworth.  I left out a lotta big words in the seven line ballot.  Like "Sunset".  "Earmark".  and "Self-sustaining".  I am bad at math, so I just said $38 million, because $2.7 million x 20 years is $54 million.  And who would be dumb enough to vote for THAT?!?!   I don't expect I'll work for Kutak Rock for too long.  When I took the job, I thought it was a mountain in Arizona.  My real ambition is to replace Troy City Manager in KCMO.  Big as he is, he might explode any day now.

 To read the multiple violations of the 2018 AG Consumer Protection Act, that tax crusader Tracy Thomas found in Tyler's ballot wording, see and No More Taxes Shawnee on FB.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Are Shawnee staff, Council and Joco Election Commissioner as corrupt as KCMO's??? Is their Taj Mahal rec center as sneaky as snakebit KCI?? Inquiring minds find out Mon. Feb 11

Taj in the tank?

The proposed Shawnee Community Center is an unrequited 'love affair with Lycra'.  

Eternal rival to Lenexa's bigger, better, more convenient new rec center at 87th & Renner.  But after 13 years of delays, and a dreadful plan, it's in serious trouble.   The crappy ground next to the railroad tracks was purchased 13 years ago, supposed to just be soccer fields.    Public opposition to anything else is ON FIRE!  Voters who are not in running shoes are stomping their feet.  Motivated to stop a hearing, a forever tax and a ballot order,  Feb.11  at Shawnee City Hall.  
Shawnee, always trying to be Lenexa, wants to build a Taj Mahal--
 $38 million rec center in far western Shawnee.  Destined by geography
and low admission fees to become Joco's new urban teen hangout for unmentioned northern neighbor, Wyandotte County. 
 Funded by a property tax that never sunsets.  (not mentioned on ballot.)
Teased to cost just $7.36/mo, planned to raise to $15/mo in July.


If the public cannot attend Mon. Feb 11 at Shawnee City Hall, 7pm, Johnson Drive and Nieman, when this will be put on a proposed May 21 mail-in ballot, they may mail their opinions to:

Here are just SOME of the public's concerns:many listed on "No More Taxes Shawnee", on FB--where you may comment too.
 *  a want rather than a need.    Fitness is a hobby.  Obesity afflicts 72% of Americans. 

*  Fat people do not use health clubs.  So this is not even solving America's biggest problem. It's for the Spandex in Public" crowd, aka Lulu Lemons.   Bored rich western Shawnee stay at home moms who need a free babysitter while they pedal their ellyptical before getting a mani/pedi..

*  too far west location.  Shawnee is shaped like Tennessee.  61st and Woodland is 3/4ths of  the way to the western boundary, MILES way west of 435, and 62% of the population.*  "Worse than buying a time share in Pocatello Idaho that I'd never visit."  "I already have a home gym!  No waiting."

The next youth hangout for idle Wyandotte County teens,who are feeling less welcome at Cinemark/Merriam, as well as Cinemark on the Plaza (where half the theatres are being forced to close for Nordstroms and to reduce teen hangout and high police security costs) and Oak Park Mall.

to hear the council discuss this, you'd think Shawnee's northern border is Canada.  But it's Wyandotte County...
    where they have no rec centers with health and fitness.  Just a lunch room for seniors."

Subsidizing hordes of non-resident teens.  
    At 72 cents/day for each member of a non-resident family of five:
    "sure is cheaper than a babymama hiring a sitter!"  
    One month Family of 5 rate is $91.  Add 20% for non-residents = $109.20
    Divide by five, = $21.84 per family member, eg Mom pulls up, walks in her 4 kids/neighbors?  etc.
    Equals $72 cents a day.
    ALL day.
    Or all after school and evening during school year.
    Free towels, free wifi, free charging the bluetooth speakers.

*  funding shenanigans--proposing an average cost of $7.36 a month, 
     but staff told council it's OK 6 weeks later in July to jack that up to $15 a month, without voter approval.

*  a non-disclosed property tax hike --which council refuses to state on the ballot.

* a tax THAT NEVER SUNSETS --which council refuses to state on ballot

violation and thumbing their nose at the 2017 Ks. Tax Lid Law--which says now the VOTERS    must approve any property tax increases, not a council or commission in a back room in July.

*  secret plans by council and city attorney to raise the tax even higher six weeks later--in July
to $15 a month from $7.36 stated on vague ballot.  That's just the "TEASER RATE". 

*  illegal electioneering by Council and staff, including Park Board director Neil Holman, and Ward 4 Councilman Mickey Sandifer.  Staff and council are only allowed to educate and inform,   not advocate, eg say "Vote Yes".

*  And now even a NEW Joco Election Board controversy 
   involving a non-binding legalese "faux endorsement"
   by Joco's beleaguered election commissioner, Ronnie Metsker.   Ronnie "MANSPLAINS" in a memo
   what it MIGHT cost.  (But won't, come July.)  That's not his job.  He is not a lawyer.  He is a TV   evangelist from the last century.  The guy who bought the $10 million election machines
   that could not count.  That he did not test in advance.  So last August, his two weeks of tabulation
   delays cost Governor Jeff Colyer his job--it was deemed just too disruptive to delay and recount the 
   345 vote discrepancy with Kobach.  So now we have socialist granny, Gov. Kelly.

Note:  To read a powerful letter by a respected business exec and humanitarian from Ward 4., go to

David Williams lives in the same ward where Mickey Sandifer, who supports SCC to the point of breaking the law in saying "Vote Yes",  is running for re-election.)

The council email to Mayor Michelle Distler and all 8 Councilmen and women,  is

Read more on 
You may also read and leave comments on a new FB page:
No More Taxes Shawnee

Friday, April 13, 2018

Sheena Greitens is Melania without multi-million $ prenup. New Mo House testimony reveals sad details: Sexual assault on a victim, NOT a mistress.

I've read the 25 page report.  Have you??
K.S. was a victim, not the mistress of Governor Eric "McRapey" Greitens.

Eric "candidate for Governor" stuck his hand up her dress, just like Trump, at her workplace.
K.S. has very low self esteem.  Even when he was spitting in her mouth (disgusting--that is not "hydration")--it is a classic grooming control exercise used by sex predators.  Yet K.S. the hairdresser separated from her husband,  kept having her Sally Fields moments, hoping against hope the cool confident man really really liked her.

Which, of course, he didn't.

Jenae Osterheldt at the KC Star, got it right in her column.  And I've never agreed with her before.
K.S. is a victim.  She does not fit the definition of mistress.  No gifts.  No actual penetrating sex acts.  Just demeaning and control.

Most therapists agree: Eric Greitens is a serious megalomaniacal narcissist.  K.S. gave him a blow job because he had his penis a menacing six inches in front of her face.  She reasoned the only way she could get out of his basement was to placate someone in his obsessed and animalistic state.  That is a victim in survival mode.

Jenae also quoted MOCSA that most times, abusive men get worse, rather than better.  And that most abused women endure multiple encounters before they are able to walk away.

Now what about Sheena Greitens, the governor's wife?

This is not the smile of Mona Lisa.It's one of entrapped disgust. 
In her heart, Sheena Greitens has to know: It's all lies. 
Eric Greitens is a world-class liar. 
He does not care about his wife, or kids any more than he cared
about his basement bondage victim.
Or he would resign.
If Sheena Greitens stays with him, forevermore, it will be assumed she too is into SadoMasochistic sex and bondage play.  That's not what nice Jewish girls are known for.  That reputation, deserved or not, will follow her two kids as well.  There's not one playground in America where those kids with that last name will not be bullied the rest of their lives.

I would recommend she take the kids and leave, this weekend.  There is NO upside.  All this talk about just 31 more days??  Just proves how delusional Eric Greitens is.  What a smooth talker, he.

He will never be President, honey.  You can let that web site lapse in July, 2018--the one he bought, even before he was elected governor.
You are no Jackie Kennedy, Sheena. 
Even tho you hoped.  Even tried to dress the part on inauguration day.  You were conned.
photo by Bill Greenblatt/St.Louis Jewish Light.
Look at Sheena Greitens' desperately clenched fists...
At his inaugural.  As if to say, "I know your
urges and wild promises and tendencies. 
You better keep it together, Eric. 
Or we will never make it to the White House."
I can only imagine the pillow talk promises and lie he told his wife.  But the reality is: Eric Greitens thinks as little of Sheena Chestnut Greitens as he does of K.S.  Here's a clue: in the testimony, this weasel bragged to K.S.,  "My wife doesn't THINK a thing."  Note, he didn't say "believe".  He said "think".  Because he thinks you're dumb and swallow every lie and every mouthful of water he spits into YOUR mouth.

I beg to differ with K.S. on one point of naive but well-intentioned analysis.  During her nine-hour interrogation and testimony to the Mo. House committee, she said she told him something to the effect that his thoughts "got messed up in the Navy".

No, they didn't.  PTSD does not manifest as manic sex offender.  Eric Greitens is a Jeckyl and Hyde personality.  His "stinkin' thinkin' likely started at a much earlier age.  And then was amplified by his educational training.  So don't blame the U.S. Navy.  Especially the Navy Seals.

One more thing: according to two sex detectives at Jackson County, and sex offender attorneys, and MOCSA and prosecutors and many many specialist therapists I will not take the time to quote here:
If one has a sex addiction,
or If one has matriculated down the ethical spiral path toward criminal sex offender...

If Hail Mary's worked, we would 
not have pedophile priests.  And devout Jewish belief is in actions, not promises.

The treatment, which Eric Greitens and his wife, Sheena--WHO IS THE OTHER GREITENS VICTIM IN ALL THIS-- never sought, is therapy.  Cognitive behavioral therapy.  Over months.  It still rarely works.  

Seriously, it's doubtful that anyone except Sheena Greitens actually believes this was a one off.  Look at the lies--wife "out of town"--when she was actually giving birth at a local hospital?  Sicko.

And the claim he did this before he RAN for governor?  False again.  He had filed for office BEFORE he slid his hand up her skirt as she shampooed his hair at the Central West End salon, to grope and grab her pussy.

And the Trump-style denials and claims the testimony is "lies, all lies", when you haven't seen the report??  Greitens hasn't stopped lying to the public.  THAT press conference was a criminal violation of the judge's gag orders...Governor, your God doesn't like it when you break your promises...

Even then, once a person has descended to the hell of indulging predatory sexual offenses against women, including grooming techniques, (look that up), slapping, bondage, blackmail,
seizing one's phone and keys and doing a pat down, spitting, threats, "good girl/bad girl" training, lies, etc.--well, 90% of the time, extensive therapy still doesn't work.  Because your mind for these addictions and behaviors is irreparably damaged.

Sheena:  phone your friends and listen to their advice instead of this crazy person.  His job prospects for the future are nil.  No motivational speaking.  No fundraising for veterans.  No seats on corporate boards.  No sales job with any corporation in the U.S.

Leave.  Change your name. Change your children's names.   And start over.  He's dragged you and the kids down.  Crawl out of the mud.

Sheena, this won't magically go away after a trial in 31 days.
Or the day after the session ends and impeachment begins.
Eric Greitens is lying to you.   It's over.  Go...

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Ding Dong, Big Brother! The Post Office is taking photos of all my mail. BEFORE I GO TO MY MAILBOX. With--or without permission!

I received 17 pieces of mail this week.
One can even see which were in my mailbox on which day.

Big Brother aka the Post Office took pics
of all my mail this week,
BEFORE I signed up for Informed Delivery.

Now I've got nothing to hide.
My address is very easy to find, but I scratched it out here, (sloppy I know)..
It was almost all junk mail.

But just imagine--
does EVERYONE want Big Brother taking a picture of all their mail?

Note--this all was online when I just signed up for it here, Saturday night.  Right after I got home from seeing "Death of Stalin" at the Glenwood Arts.  Where they stated it was the job of Stalin's men to know where every citizen was at all times.

And this is the creepy part--our USPS already had the whole previous week's history!!

So, that means the USPS is taking photos of everyone's mail, in advance, and without permission!

The program is called Informed Delivery.

Here's the "invite" eg opt-in, from

Had the retail stores been using Informed Delivery at Ward Parkway this weekend, they could have looked to see if that package left outside was supposed to be there.  (tho it would only show USPS, not FedEx or UPS.)

Conversely, a spouse could sign up for it independently and secretly--and thus spy on their husband or wife, without them knowing about it. 

And of course, Tony's troll commenters might not want the US Postal Service knowing how often they are receiving deliveries of contraband drugs from Canadian pharmacies, porno or...gasp... sex toys and lubricants.  Or their weekly stash of aromatherapy oils.  Just sayin...Love me some Three Thieves.  Or bergamot.

Just sayin.  Big Brother is watching.  If you haven't watched "Minority Report", the great movie with Tom Cruise, perhaps you should.

Is this any different from how Facebook has always harvested our data?  No.  And now my new Samsung phone starts talking to me in the kitchen, and for the life of me, I can't figure out which app or permission I need to delete.

But when I need someone to be on my doorstep to move some heavy furniture, guess what.  The Postman is never available for that.

The costs must be astronomical.  And they're scanning it all, and then just SHOWING the pics to those who give their consent.  But the data was already harvested.

Hmmm.  I wonder if Governor "Duct Tape" Eric Greitens and his mistress sent one another any snail mail?!  Inquiring lawyers want to know...

The Post Office has been spying on us for years!!!

It was called Cover Mail.  Now they started with claiming they only did this to track "special subjects".  Bad guys, terrorists, gangstas.  

But of course, they didn't sort all the mail in the US and then just sort out the bad guys and take pics of THEIR mail.  Nope.  They've been scanning and photographing all of our mail for years.  And just now they have named their new program, Informed Delivery.  LOL.  The rest of us have been living in lala land, receiving UNinformed delivery.   And now when we OPT IN, then they magically reveal the pics!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Hyde Park beset by Purloiner of Pink Pussy Hats! Enters Victorian Home Foyers Stealing Coats and Mail Daily. Police Are Perplexed...

The only reason Abong is not wearing the
Pink Pussy Hat she stole from my friend
Jinks last Monday is:
KCPD did not seize it as evidence. 
They just handed it back to the victim,
who was laughing hysterically with 911 operators
as she reclaimed five items this perpetual thief
had just stolen from Jinks' unlocked foyer.

First of all, I'm shocked that Hyde Park homeowners leave their front doors unlocked nowadays.

But they do.  And a man on the "unofficial Hyde Park neighborhood Facebook page" shared this photo of the mentally ill woman who keeps opening their front doors and pilfering through their foyers and coat racks at their front doors.

She is also widely known to steal mail.  She has her alibi at the ready when challenged.  "I'm her sister, just here to take in the mail and check on things," she yells.

If she is disappointed by the mail, (and who isn't, nowadays), she litters it about the yards around 36th and Campbell.  So far none of the homeowners have asked the US Postal Service to prosecute her for mail fraud.  KCPD do nothing about that.

The KCPD arrests her frequently.  Just like last Monday--she was taken into custody, and because she was clever and knew the drill.  She feigned "heart palpitations".  Thus, she immediately got a free $1000 ride via ambulance with a fire truck escort to Truman Medical Center for what amounts to an informal tax-subsidized 'spa day'-- of warmth, a sponge bath, several hot meals, a conversation with staff and lots of kind and loving 'observation'.  She was out by Wednesday--and captured once again on camera by the Hyde Park neighbors.

The neighbors tell me they know she is mentally ill.  They don't feel she is dangerous, or armed.  So they worry, codependently, that she might get shot if she breaks and enters a home where the owner uses a gun.  "Stand Your Ground" rules vary depending on the frailty or disability of the homeowner being invaded, I am told by experts.  It just takes one.

Something else I did not know: Western Missouri Mental Health Center closed a few years ago.  That is the kind of place we used to take folks who are mentally ill, rather than common criminals.

One of the neighbors has chatted with her, claiming her name is Abong.  She has a court date coming up, because Jinks, my friend from Sunday morning coffee in my old Hyde Park neighborhood, pressed charges.  We will know more, then.

And the man who snapped this  Facebook picand posted it Wed. night claimed Abong often wears the same blue bandanna.  And carries two shopping bags, which she stuffs full of her "finds" of the day.  She does not appear to sleep outdoors--she just loves day shopping in the lovely and unlocked Victorian foyers of Hyde Park.

So what happened to the Pink Pussy Hat?
Jinks, who has a long history of being a SJW/social justice warrior and foster care advocate, was phoned by a frail neighbor two doors away on Campbell, the 3600 block.  "I think someone's breaking into my house...would you go check?"

Fearless and unarmed, except for her cell phone, Jinks saunters over to her neighbor's front sidewalk.  She calls out to Abong, who gives her the standard, "No problem.  I belong here.  This is my sister's house..."  

Jinks says, "No, it's not.  We know all our neighbors.  The real owner is upstairs. You need to leave...NOW!"  Jinks then phones 911 as she walks home, even tho Abong is now following her,  muttering loudly and incoherently, waving her arms.  

911 operator asks, "What is she wearing?"  

Jinks starts describing her pursuer: "Wearing a pink cap, a brown and grey striped scarf, a grey coat--...wait just a darn minute:  that's MY striped scarfAnd that's my coat.  And Hell's bells--that is MY Pink Pussy Hat that my best friend knit especially for me, last year for the Women's March!!  This woman must have robbed ME on her way to my neighbor's!!!

By this time, both Jinks and the 911 operator are laughing uncontrollably, barely able to dispatch the call.  KCPD responded VERY quickly--about three minutes, on this Monday midday (right after the mailman had delivered.).  The officers then appropriately made Jinks stand many feet away.  And as Abong the Chronic Thief disrobed, instead of seizing each garment as evidence, which is customary, and policy--the cops just handed them back to Jinks!

In the two shopping bags were her down-filled puffy vest and another coat.  A total of five items, including the "priceless and irreplaceable Pink Pussy Hat."  Her artist friend is out of pink yarn and could not recreate it.

Jinks muttered to the officer, "Hey, we also had two cans of Boulevard chocolate beer sitting there just inside our front door, to keep it cold.  Nobody liked the flavor.  See if she got that, too!"

But alas, Abong had not stolen the two chocolate ales.  Say what you will, she may just have a Courvoisier taste on a beer budget...

So Jinks got her Pink Pussy Hat back.  And after her release from the hospital, Abong was photographed once again in Hyde Park (now she's on Facebook!) and toddling toward Troost.  She is well known there among merchants, and has been caught shooting up in store restrooms.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Governor Duct Tape--on the verge of being pushed out as Mo Governor?? A photo essay...

Here is the current pic of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, aka Governor Duct Tape.  With his reluctant wife, Sheena, following his admitting he tied up a hairdresser with duct tape in the Greitens' basement, and had Bondage and Domination style sex with her, while Sheena was in labor at the hospital delivering Greitens' second child in 2015.

"Eric, you arrogant narcissistic asshole.  I'm stuck here singing Tammy Wynette, while I figure out how I'm supposed to support myself and our two kids.  I need a good lawyer.  And you need to find a new job.  Maybe you can be the spokesman for Duct Tape???"

Happier times.  Greitens and Sheena's first date

Governor Duct Tape's fantasy with the hairdresser in his basement: feral love.
Oh, scratch my neck--that feels SOOOOO good!

Greitens and his prom date--his
fascination with duct tape and guns goes WAY back.

It's no wonder Greitens was attracted to the hairdresser. 
He told her: "Darlin, you had me with that 12 pack of Budweiser...
brewed just 4 miles from my wife's house! 
Oh, hold on, that's her calling from the hospital--
she's dilated to 7 centimeters. 
Hush for a second--don't make any moaning sounds--
I gotta take this call!"

Waiting for the next shoe to drop?  The St. Louis Post Dispatch
is interviewing MORE of Governor Duct Tape's hotties this week. 
This one was his Homecoming date in college--
before he became a Rhodes Scholar. 
And a Navy Seal. 
And yes, that is an Arabic symbol on her skirt.
Such a turn-on...

Here, Greitens is practicing for his upcoming job interview--
as a hand model and spokesman promoting Duct Tape.
Camo duct tape--it's what's for breakfast.
Former Governor Duct Tape is coming soon
to a Home Depot or Menard's near you.
Autographs and selfies $7, make checks payable
to the Sheena Greitens Alimony Fund.

Monday, December 11, 2017

UPDATE: 23,400 HAVE SEEN BIG SONIA @Glenwood Arts --Last day is Thurs April19! (Ranchmart)

Big Sonia is an upbeat inspiring documentary about Kansas City's most beloved Holcaust survivor.  It's breaking all records over the last 35 years of movie attendance at the Glenwood Arts theatre.  In just the first ten days, 6153 Kansas Citians have seen it!

"And that's just showing on one screen," says theatre co-owner Brian Mossman, "whereas other blockbusters were shown on multiple screens throughout the day."  He also noted that this film is the only documentary to generate such rave reviews and traffic.  "All our other blockbuster films were narratives."

It's not even Chanukkah (Dec. 13) or Christmas (Dec 25)--or Kwanzaa (Dec 26)--but people of all faiths and the plain spiritual and the plain tuckered out from a long year and people in recovery and people who used to be imprisoned are ALL finding happiness and a mood boost from seeing this film.  Many bring a loved one.

Sonia Warshawski, the star of Big Sonia,
is hugged by Brian Mossman,
co-owner of the Glenwood Arts Theatre, 95th & MISSION (Ranchmart South).  For showtimes:

Sonia Warshawski's new leopard print sofa, from her new location at John's Tailoring, 95th & Nall, was borrowed for the photo shoots and autograph sessions the first weekend--but the sofa and one of her leopard print stroller jackets remain in the lobby of the Glenwood Arts.

And it's the strangest thing--folks are so moved and inspired and motivated by Big Sonia that even tho her public appearances have passed, audience members leaving the theatre linger to just sit, alone, on her sofa.  Like it's a shrine to goodness and surviving whatever sadness THEY are in the process of enduring.

Mossman, not exactly a fashion icon, (he and his business partner, twin Ben Mossman, grew up in Spirit Lake, Iowa, sons of a highway patrol officer) asked me, "Is it true what she says?  That animal prints never go out of fashion???"

I reassured him: "Absolutely, for women with confidence and flair.  And that is just one more reason I am still wearing leopard prints or zebra or cheetah prints every single day the rest of the month--to remind me of Big Sonia and to be grateful for every blessing of every day."

For more details, read the previous post here on, including 12 things you don't know, since you missed the Q&A.  Also, read much more on the web site: