Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Watchdog Phillip Klein who fought BiState II buys BZ and Wolf radio spots to educate voters re 123GOBonds!!! Cites errors in Glorioso/James brochures. Quotes FACTS from City Mgr and Helling 40 yrs/not 20; $100 not $8; 2 year delays and non-binding wishlists.

Steve Glorioso (campaign manager for KCMO Mayor Sly James' future campaign for Congress) has spent nearly a million dollars on a fluffy brochure campaign with no debates--promoting the 123GO Bond vote Tuesday April 4.  But where has the opposition been?  Broke and not allowed to debate the Mayor. And the chicken media let Sly James avoid all debates.  Shame on them.

Today citizen watchdog Phillip Klein put his personal money into running a radio campaign to educate and inform the public.  Exposing the lies and "disinformation" in Glorioso's brochures.  Including the rift between the Mayor and City Manager.  The spots educate and inform.  They do not say "Vote No".  Klein said, "I trust the voters--if they are informed, they will make the best decision for themselves."

Listen to the radio spot here

The 60 second spot is airing through Tuesday/election day--on NewsTalk980-AM; KMBZ98.1FM and country station 106.5 The Wolf.

60 sec. radio, Educate and inform voters in KCMO.  Not an issue “advocacy” spot.
Talent: Tracy Thomas

The following is paid by watchdog Philip Klein.  He warned voters away from BiState II.  Voters said NO then.  Will you vote Tuesday on the 123Bond issue?  Dave Helling broke with the editorial board—exposed outright lies in the brochure blitz financed by tax-abated businesses including Power and Light.   Fact: It’s a 40 year tax, not 20.  Fact: It’s a hundred more EACH year--not eight.  Fact: Not—one—puppy kennel on Sly’s wishlist is guaranteed. {SFX:woof!} No matter the project, your Council BORROWS!  {SFX: Carnival calliope} Shovels money to insiders.  The free trash bags E-tax, the zoo, the toy train that runs off the rails in the rain.  With 123, they shift maintenance out of the general fund.  Freeing up the money for Sly’s legacy without a vote: hotel, airport or running armed hoodrats on the trolley down to the Plaza.   Fact FROM the City Manager: just $3 million for infrastructure for two years while he makes HIS list. SidewalkGate!!  Fact: city ordinances do not ALLOW paying for your sidewalk!!  If you like your shade tree, you can keep it-- till the city butchers it and mails you a little coupon.  Vote Tuesday.  You decide.
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Watchdog Phillip Klein is a local businessman, owner of the Magic Shop at US Toy& Magic Company at 103rd and State Line.  His passion is fighting tax increases and challenging arrogant politicians.  Previously, he personally paid for the ad campaign that resulted in the defeat of BiStateII, which, like 123GOBonds, was a transfer of taxpayer money to tax-exempt millionnaires and a shell game by the city.

Klein is an indie filmmaker who produced the national expose, "Begging for Billionnaires" about the evils of Eminent Domain, where politicians seize private property for pennies on the dollar and give it to their rich friends for profiteering or another use.  That film screened nationwide, and was featured on national radio interviews and local forums of victims of eminent domain.  The film included local scenes about Harold Penner's Menswear and developer Whitney Kerr in downtown KC.

Klein is currently producing a poignant new narrative drama, described by Hollywood casting directors as akin to Forrest Gump, about a nearly blind magician enduring years of bullying:  "Fly Like a Bumblebee".  It will be filmed in KCMO.  The web site is  Klein and his producing partners have already hired national acting talent including the young runnerup to last year's America's Got Talent.  The film is in the funding stage on

Link to Fly Like a Bumblebee's Indiegogo pages

Sly says123GOBonds free sidewalks expire when the money runs out!

Play this as you read!

Chaos is coming to KCMO!!!!!!!!!!!
If you thought the nudie cutie teaser photos on were hot, grab your cell phone and head downtown to City Hall.

Last night at the State of the City speech, Mayor Sly James let it slip--he thinks citizens will only get free sidewalks as long as the money lasts!

OMG---A freebie with limits??  
                                Last one on the express elevator at City Hall to the 28th floor 
                                         has to pay $14000 assessment --for her new sidewalk.

Can you image the stampedes?
We haven't seen provocative lobbying like this since Cathy Jolly worked for a New York minute across the street for Mike Sanders!  (no photos available.  Her hubby is running to replace Sly James so she deleted herself from Google.)

Troy Schulte, KCMO City Manager told Dave Helling that HE is the Decider--not Sly James!!!!  And Schulte says he intends to take two years to make the lists.
Can you imagine Brookside yoga-obsessed housewives sneaking up to the 28th floor,the City Manager's office,  and ripping off their TJMaxx lycra hoodies and stretch bras-- to offer Troy Schulte lap dances in order to get on The Free Sidewalk List?

We haven't had hot sex in City Hall since barefoot Gloria Squitiro quit doing the nasty with Mayor Mark Funkhouser after hours on the 29th floor.

And what's that delicious smell?  Oh, trays of homemade meatloaf from Ward Parkway PTA presidents?  Italian mamas from Out Northeast, bringing in their special Sugo sauce recipe, trying to get THEIR sidewalk on Troy's short list!

The first time we saw a gravy train like this was the Three Wisemen trekking to Jerusalem for the census.
And of course, the most poignant List story was that great film, Schindler's List...

Now some folk will be fooled, thinking currently slim Sly James, our weak mayor,  at 108 E 30th St. is the Listmaker.  So another ant trail of Beseeching Bedroom Community Babes will head there.  Note:  Linwood Costco is just 6 blocks south of where Sly James rents a home on Union Hill.  Costco has sensational lasagna.  Just sayin...

Helling challenges editorial board, opposes 123GO, even gets City Mgr to admit Glorioso's brochures are disinformation

Hooray for Dave Helling, seasoned local reporter who has joined the STAR Editorial Board.  When they anonymously endorsed the deceitful 123GO Bond issue, Helling refused to sign on.  So for the first time since the 1970's, a brave editorial board writer wrote and SIGNED his own editorial."

Helling/KCStar: It's OK to vote against more tax increases in KCMO

Helling did actual reporting!  Got the City Manager, Troy Schulte, to go on the record that those Steve Glorioso $859,000 in brochures clogging your mailbox are full of "misinformation".  (What the real world calls lies and deceptions.)

123GO is a 40 year property tax hike, not 20.
(The City doesn't have staff to supervise and build $800 million in sidewalks, bridges, flood control, puppy shelters and disabled ramps!  Schulte's gonna trickle it out.  Some bonds won't be issued and sold to rich investors for 20 years!  And take another 20 to pay off.  But this vote empowers the Council to raise your property taxes every year under penalty of law.  THAT'S why this is so important.  In Ks, eg Joco, the 7 commissioners raise the mill levy WITHOUT A PUBLIC VOTE.  But Missouri requires a VOTE BY CITIZENS.  Big difference.

It's $100 a year or more, compounding.  May go to $248 per year for the average house.  Not $8 like Glorioso's brochures state.
Glorioso is the master of the shell game.  When he was staffer for Kay Barnes, he ramrodded through the Zoo bonds which then were mysteriously diverted to pay off TIF bonds in downtown KCMO!  Sneaky.  But that's somehow legal because they just "borrowed".  Which they will do again here.  Bet on it.

And there's a reason Glorioso has spent $859,000 on his disinformation brochures, with the Mayor refusing to debate, as usual.  They are targetting frequent voters only.  So no broadcast.  And they lied to the KC Pet Project.  Failed to admit their buyoff of them, $14 million, is NON-BINDING!    And contingent on raising another $7 million privately.  AND contingent on getting the Council to find $6 million a year for life--to turn the lights and the heat on in the shelter.

Bond issues build buildings.  They don't cut the ribbon or maintain them.
Helling's editorial questions how the City can afford to maintain the shelter when they are paying the Police Chief $500,000 to leave, and $200,000 to just one fire fighter in a lawsuit.  This is much like Gloria Squitiro and MammyGate.  

And no matter what list Kathryn Shields and Jolie Justus ram thru the KCMO City Council this week, by STATE LAW, the only list or budget that counts is the City Manager's!
KCMO has a weak mayor/council//STRONG CITY MANAGER FORM OF GOVERNMENT.  They can only hire and fire him.  The City Manager is the final authority.  And he told Helling this week it will take him two YEARS to even make his lists.  And meanwhile, he will just do $3.2 million in improvements per year.

This Council was like the Ryan Health Care Bill idiots.  Debating details hours before their hasty vote to jam it onto the ballot and pray for low turnout.

But because it rewards rich investors, it requires 57.1% to pass.  Despite the phony rigged polling by Glorioso, it's in trouble.

Get your family and co-workers and neighbors to vote Tuesday April 4.

KCMO can do so much better.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Not all the dirt in schools is in KCMO district. Now SM school district has mud on its face...thanks to Deb Zila and Jim Hinson.

(For more deets, see posts on sister blog,  And follow more stories on an unrelated website, Shawnee Mission Post.)

Insider contracts, like insider trading, are bad.  Recently the GREAT online news website Shawnee Mission Post has been exposing insider contracts and conflicts of interest.  Hooray.

Deb Zila denies influence peddling
and insider contract for daughter.
Deb Zila, a very defensive school board member who served as School Board President on big pay raises for administrators and selection of CBIZ as insurance and benefits contractor, has been challenged for hiding the fact that her daughter, Mallory is the district's highly paid benefits manager at CBIZ.

Mallory had zero experience in insurance before Mommy approved the contract with CBIZ where she got this high paying job last April.  After K-State her only job was working at Nordstrom's. Where the customer is always right and always rich.   (Publisher's full disclosure: I'm not nice enough to work at Nordstrom's...I'm barely nice enough to occasionally shop there!) 

But now the Shawnee Mission School District has mud all over its face...just like one of those expensive spa mud pack facial treatments from Nordstrom!

Should Deb Zila resign?  AFTER she just answers questions without paying her district $1054 in sunshine extortion fees??

Why does the SMSD charge $56 an hour for someone to comply with a valid KORA Open Records request?  (They advertise the rate at $30 an hour.) 

Attention, Kinko's staff--if you too just graduated from KState and can't find a real career, I'd be applying for a job running the copier machine at the Shawnee Mission School District today!

Why didn't the school district just answer reporters' questions?  Instead of hiding behind their overpaid grey-suits and their big ass mahogany desks?  The real culprit is the overpaid superintendent, Jim Hinson.  He thinks he knows better than the public.

Let's watch this story unfold.  Perhaps Superintendent Jim Hinson will give up mud facials and instead be tarred and feathered and run out of Shawnee Mission on a the important new group promoting transparency, Education First Shawnee Mission.

Here's the latest link where the District denies all: