Friday, April 13, 2018

Sheena Greitens is Melania without multi-million $ prenup. New Mo House testimony reveals sad details: Sexual assault on a victim, NOT a mistress.

I've read the 25 page report.  Have you??
K.S. was a victim, not the mistress of Governor Eric "McRapey" Greitens.

Eric "candidate for Governor" stuck his hand up her dress, just like Trump, at her workplace.
K.S. has very low self esteem.  Even when he was spitting in her mouth (disgusting--that is not "hydration")--it is a classic grooming control exercise used by sex predators.  Yet K.S. the hairdresser separated from her husband,  kept having her Sally Fields moments, hoping against hope the cool confident man really really liked her.

Which, of course, he didn't.

Jenae Osterheldt at the KC Star, got it right in her column.  And I've never agreed with her before.
K.S. is a victim.  She does not fit the definition of mistress.  No gifts.  No actual penetrating sex acts.  Just demeaning and control.

Most therapists agree: Eric Greitens is a serious megalomaniacal narcissist.  K.S. gave him a blow job because he had his penis a menacing six inches in front of her face.  She reasoned the only way she could get out of his basement was to placate someone in his obsessed and animalistic state.  That is a victim in survival mode.

Jenae also quoted MOCSA that most times, abusive men get worse, rather than better.  And that most abused women endure multiple encounters before they are able to walk away.

Now what about Sheena Greitens, the governor's wife?

This is not the smile of Mona Lisa.It's one of entrapped disgust. 
In her heart, Sheena Greitens has to know: It's all lies. 
Eric Greitens is a world-class liar. 
He does not care about his wife, or kids any more than he cared
about his basement bondage victim.
Or he would resign.
If Sheena Greitens stays with him, forevermore, it will be assumed she too is into SadoMasochistic sex and bondage play.  That's not what nice Jewish girls are known for.  That reputation, deserved or not, will follow her two kids as well.  There's not one playground in America where those kids with that last name will not be bullied the rest of their lives.

I would recommend she take the kids and leave, this weekend.  There is NO upside.  All this talk about just 31 more days??  Just proves how delusional Eric Greitens is.  What a smooth talker, he.

He will never be President, honey.  You can let that web site lapse in July, 2018--the one he bought, even before he was elected governor.
You are no Jackie Kennedy, Sheena. 
Even tho you hoped.  Even tried to dress the part on inauguration day.  You were conned.
photo by Bill Greenblatt/St.Louis Jewish Light.
Look at Sheena Greitens' desperately clenched fists...
At his inaugural.  As if to say, "I know your
urges and wild promises and tendencies. 
You better keep it together, Eric. 
Or we will never make it to the White House."
I can only imagine the pillow talk promises and lie he told his wife.  But the reality is: Eric Greitens thinks as little of Sheena Chestnut Greitens as he does of K.S.  Here's a clue: in the testimony, this weasel bragged to K.S.,  "My wife doesn't THINK a thing."  Note, he didn't say "believe".  He said "think".  Because he thinks you're dumb and swallow every lie and every mouthful of water he spits into YOUR mouth.

I beg to differ with K.S. on one point of naive but well-intentioned analysis.  During her nine-hour interrogation and testimony to the Mo. House committee, she said she told him something to the effect that his thoughts "got messed up in the Navy".

No, they didn't.  PTSD does not manifest as manic sex offender.  Eric Greitens is a Jeckyl and Hyde personality.  His "stinkin' thinkin' likely started at a much earlier age.  And then was amplified by his educational training.  So don't blame the U.S. Navy.  Especially the Navy Seals.

One more thing: according to two sex detectives at Jackson County, and sex offender attorneys, and MOCSA and prosecutors and many many specialist therapists I will not take the time to quote here:
If one has a sex addiction,
or If one has matriculated down the ethical spiral path toward criminal sex offender...

If Hail Mary's worked, we would 
not have pedophile priests.  And devout Jewish belief is in actions, not promises.

The treatment, which Eric Greitens and his wife, Sheena--WHO IS THE OTHER GREITENS VICTIM IN ALL THIS-- never sought, is therapy.  Cognitive behavioral therapy.  Over months.  It still rarely works.  

Seriously, it's doubtful that anyone except Sheena Greitens actually believes this was a one off.  Look at the lies--wife "out of town"--when she was actually giving birth at a local hospital?  Sicko.

And the claim he did this before he RAN for governor?  False again.  He had filed for office BEFORE he slid his hand up her skirt as she shampooed his hair at the Central West End salon, to grope and grab her pussy.

And the Trump-style denials and claims the testimony is "lies, all lies", when you haven't seen the report??  Greitens hasn't stopped lying to the public.  THAT press conference was a criminal violation of the judge's gag orders...Governor, your God doesn't like it when you break your promises...

Even then, once a person has descended to the hell of indulging predatory sexual offenses against women, including grooming techniques, (look that up), slapping, bondage, blackmail,
seizing one's phone and keys and doing a pat down, spitting, threats, "good girl/bad girl" training, lies, etc.--well, 90% of the time, extensive therapy still doesn't work.  Because your mind for these addictions and behaviors is irreparably damaged.

Sheena:  phone your friends and listen to their advice instead of this crazy person.  His job prospects for the future are nil.  No motivational speaking.  No fundraising for veterans.  No seats on corporate boards.  No sales job with any corporation in the U.S.

Leave.  Change your name. Change your children's names.   And start over.  He's dragged you and the kids down.  Crawl out of the mud.

Sheena, this won't magically go away after a trial in 31 days.
Or the day after the session ends and impeachment begins.
Eric Greitens is lying to you.   It's over.  Go...