Monday, December 11, 2017

UPDATE: 23,400 HAVE SEEN BIG SONIA @Glenwood Arts --Last day is Thurs April19! (Ranchmart)

Big Sonia is an upbeat inspiring documentary about Kansas City's most beloved Holcaust survivor.  It's breaking all records over the last 35 years of movie attendance at the Glenwood Arts theatre.  In just the first ten days, 6153 Kansas Citians have seen it!

"And that's just showing on one screen," says theatre co-owner Brian Mossman, "whereas other blockbusters were shown on multiple screens throughout the day."  He also noted that this film is the only documentary to generate such rave reviews and traffic.  "All our other blockbuster films were narratives."

It's not even Chanukkah (Dec. 13) or Christmas (Dec 25)--or Kwanzaa (Dec 26)--but people of all faiths and the plain spiritual and the plain tuckered out from a long year and people in recovery and people who used to be imprisoned are ALL finding happiness and a mood boost from seeing this film.  Many bring a loved one.

Sonia Warshawski, the star of Big Sonia,
is hugged by Brian Mossman,
co-owner of the Glenwood Arts Theatre, 95th & MISSION (Ranchmart South).  For showtimes:

Sonia Warshawski's new leopard print sofa, from her new location at John's Tailoring, 95th & Nall, was borrowed for the photo shoots and autograph sessions the first weekend--but the sofa and one of her leopard print stroller jackets remain in the lobby of the Glenwood Arts.

And it's the strangest thing--folks are so moved and inspired and motivated by Big Sonia that even tho her public appearances have passed, audience members leaving the theatre linger to just sit, alone, on her sofa.  Like it's a shrine to goodness and surviving whatever sadness THEY are in the process of enduring.

Mossman, not exactly a fashion icon, (he and his business partner, twin Ben Mossman, grew up in Spirit Lake, Iowa, sons of a highway patrol officer) asked me, "Is it true what she says?  That animal prints never go out of fashion???"

I reassured him: "Absolutely, for women with confidence and flair.  And that is just one more reason I am still wearing leopard prints or zebra or cheetah prints every single day the rest of the month--to remind me of Big Sonia and to be grateful for every blessing of every day."

For more details, read the previous post here on, including 12 things you don't know, since you missed the Q&A.  Also, read much more on the web site:

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