Saturday, January 20, 2018

Governor Duct Tape--on the verge of being pushed out as Mo Governor?? A photo essay...

Here is the current pic of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, aka Governor Duct Tape.  With his reluctant wife, Sheena, following his admitting he tied up a hairdresser with duct tape in the Greitens' basement, and had Bondage and Domination style sex with her, while Sheena was in labor at the hospital delivering Greitens' second child in 2015.

"Eric, you arrogant narcissistic asshole.  I'm stuck here singing Tammy Wynette, while I figure out how I'm supposed to support myself and our two kids.  I need a good lawyer.  And you need to find a new job.  Maybe you can be the spokesman for Duct Tape???"

Happier times.  Greitens and Sheena's first date

Governor Duct Tape's fantasy with the hairdresser in his basement: feral love.
Oh, scratch my neck--that feels SOOOOO good!

Greitens and his prom date--his
fascination with duct tape and guns goes WAY back.

It's no wonder Greitens was attracted to the hairdresser. 
He told her: "Darlin, you had me with that 12 pack of Budweiser...
brewed just 4 miles from my wife's house! 
Oh, hold on, that's her calling from the hospital--
she's dilated to 7 centimeters. 
Hush for a second--don't make any moaning sounds--
I gotta take this call!"

Waiting for the next shoe to drop?  The St. Louis Post Dispatch
is interviewing MORE of Governor Duct Tape's hotties this week. 
This one was his Homecoming date in college--
before he became a Rhodes Scholar. 
And a Navy Seal. 
And yes, that is an Arabic symbol on her skirt.
Such a turn-on...

Here, Greitens is practicing for his upcoming job interview--
as a hand model and spokesman promoting Duct Tape.
Camo duct tape--it's what's for breakfast.
Former Governor Duct Tape is coming soon
to a Home Depot or Menard's near you.
Autographs and selfies $7, make checks payable
to the Sheena Greitens Alimony Fund.

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  1. As a SEAL, he sue knows how to restrain his victims!


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