Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Not all the dirt in schools is in KCMO district. Now SM school district has mud on its face...thanks to Deb Zila and Jim Hinson.

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Insider contracts, like insider trading, are bad.  Recently the GREAT online news website Shawnee Mission Post has been exposing insider contracts and conflicts of interest.  Hooray.

Deb Zila denies influence peddling
and insider contract for daughter.
Deb Zila, a very defensive school board member who served as School Board President on big pay raises for administrators and selection of CBIZ as insurance and benefits contractor, has been challenged for hiding the fact that her daughter, Mallory is the district's highly paid benefits manager at CBIZ.

Mallory had zero experience in insurance before Mommy approved the contract with CBIZ where she got this high paying job last April.  After K-State her only job was working at Nordstrom's. Where the customer is always right and always rich.   (Publisher's full disclosure: I'm not nice enough to work at Nordstrom's...I'm barely nice enough to occasionally shop there!) 

But now the Shawnee Mission School District has mud all over its face...just like one of those expensive spa mud pack facial treatments from Nordstrom!

Should Deb Zila resign?  AFTER she just answers questions without paying her district $1054 in sunshine extortion fees??

Why does the SMSD charge $56 an hour for someone to comply with a valid KORA Open Records request?  (They advertise the rate at $30 an hour.) 

Attention, Kinko's staff--if you too just graduated from KState and can't find a real career, I'd be applying for a job running the copier machine at the Shawnee Mission School District today!

Why didn't the school district just answer reporters' questions?  Instead of hiding behind their overpaid grey-suits and their big ass mahogany desks?  The real culprit is the overpaid superintendent, Jim Hinson.  He thinks he knows better than the public.

Let's watch this story unfold.  Perhaps Superintendent Jim Hinson will give up mud facials and instead be tarred and feathered and run out of Shawnee Mission on a rail...by the important new group promoting transparency, Education First Shawnee Mission.

Here's the latest link where the District denies all:

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  1. When I graduated from SM North, the principal reported to the Superintendent of the district. How many layers of bureaucracy do we have now? How much is spent just complying with rules from the federal government in order to receive federal funds?

    Education is no longer about students, it’s about money. And it has been for a long time.


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