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Are Shawnee staff, Council and Joco Election Commissioner as corrupt as KCMO's??? Is their Taj Mahal rec center as sneaky as snakebit KCI?? Inquiring minds find out Mon. Feb 11

Taj in the tank?

The proposed Shawnee Community Center is an unrequited 'love affair with Lycra'.  

Eternal rival to Lenexa's bigger, better, more convenient new rec center at 87th & Renner.  But after 13 years of delays, and a dreadful plan, it's in serious trouble.   The crappy ground next to the railroad tracks was purchased 13 years ago, supposed to just be soccer fields.    Public opposition to anything else is ON FIRE!  Voters who are not in running shoes are stomping their feet.  Motivated to stop a hearing, a forever tax and a ballot order,  Feb.11  at Shawnee City Hall.  
Shawnee, always trying to be Lenexa, wants to build a Taj Mahal--
 $38 million rec center in far western Shawnee.  Destined by geography
and low admission fees to become Joco's new urban teen hangout for unmentioned northern neighbor, Wyandotte County. 
 Funded by a property tax that never sunsets.  (not mentioned on ballot.)
Teased to cost just $7.36/mo, planned to raise to $15/mo in July.


If the public cannot attend Mon. Feb 11 at Shawnee City Hall, 7pm, Johnson Drive and Nieman, when this will be put on a proposed May 21 mail-in ballot, they may mail their opinions to:

Here are just SOME of the public's concerns:many listed on "No More Taxes Shawnee", on FB--where you may comment too.
 *  a want rather than a need.    Fitness is a hobby.  Obesity afflicts 72% of Americans. 

*  Fat people do not use health clubs.  So this is not even solving America's biggest problem. It's for the Spandex in Public" crowd, aka Lulu Lemons.   Bored rich western Shawnee stay at home moms who need a free babysitter while they pedal their ellyptical before getting a mani/pedi..

*  too far west location.  Shawnee is shaped like Tennessee.  61st and Woodland is 3/4ths of  the way to the western boundary, MILES way west of 435, and 62% of the population.*  "Worse than buying a time share in Pocatello Idaho that I'd never visit."  "I already have a home gym!  No waiting."

The next youth hangout for idle Wyandotte County teens,who are feeling less welcome at Cinemark/Merriam, as well as Cinemark on the Plaza (where half the theatres are being forced to close for Nordstroms and to reduce teen hangout and high police security costs) and Oak Park Mall.

to hear the council discuss this, you'd think Shawnee's northern border is Canada.  But it's Wyandotte County...
    where they have no rec centers with health and fitness.  Just a lunch room for seniors."

Subsidizing hordes of non-resident teens.  
    At 72 cents/day for each member of a non-resident family of five:
    "sure is cheaper than a babymama hiring a sitter!"  
    One month Family of 5 rate is $91.  Add 20% for non-residents = $109.20
    Divide by five, = $21.84 per family member, eg Mom pulls up, walks in her 4 kids/neighbors?  etc.
    Equals $72 cents a day.
    ALL day.
    Or all after school and evening during school year.
    Free towels, free wifi, free charging the bluetooth speakers.

*  funding shenanigans--proposing an average cost of $7.36 a month, 
     but staff told council it's OK 6 weeks later in July to jack that up to $15 a month, without voter approval.

*  a non-disclosed property tax hike --which council refuses to state on the ballot.

* a tax THAT NEVER SUNSETS --which council refuses to state on ballot

violation and thumbing their nose at the 2017 Ks. Tax Lid Law--which says now the VOTERS    must approve any property tax increases, not a council or commission in a back room in July.

*  secret plans by council and city attorney to raise the tax even higher six weeks later--in July
to $15 a month from $7.36 stated on vague ballot.  That's just the "TEASER RATE". 

*  illegal electioneering by Council and staff, including Park Board director Neil Holman, and Ward 4 Councilman Mickey Sandifer.  Staff and council are only allowed to educate and inform,   not advocate, eg say "Vote Yes".

*  And now even a NEW Joco Election Board controversy 
   involving a non-binding legalese "faux endorsement"
   by Joco's beleaguered election commissioner, Ronnie Metsker.   Ronnie "MANSPLAINS" in a memo
   what it MIGHT cost.  (But won't, come July.)  That's not his job.  He is not a lawyer.  He is a TV   evangelist from the last century.  The guy who bought the $10 million election machines
   that could not count.  That he did not test in advance.  So last August, his two weeks of tabulation
   delays cost Governor Jeff Colyer his job--it was deemed just too disruptive to delay and recount the 
   345 vote discrepancy with Kobach.  So now we have socialist granny, Gov. Kelly.

Note:  To read a powerful letter by a respected business exec and humanitarian from Ward 4., go to

David Williams lives in the same ward where Mickey Sandifer, who supports SCC to the point of breaking the law in saying "Vote Yes",  is running for re-election.)

The council email to Mayor Michelle Distler and all 8 Councilmen and women,  is

Read more on 
You may also read and leave comments on a new FB page:
No More Taxes Shawnee

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