Friday, February 22, 2019

Worse than KCMO/KCI? The Great Shawnee Swindle: Contractor Dunn jumps the gun, as a "toddler lawyer" writes Community Center mail-in ballot that may violate Consumer Protection Act 17 ways

Not all the sneaky staffers in cahoots with big time contractors work for KCMO.
Eric Danielson, (we think on the left) is rainmaker for JEDunn.

Shawnee Ks. has their own nest of vipers.  We'll start with the JE Dunn rainmaker, who testified for the Shawnee Community Center as "just a Dad in western Shawnee who promised my kid his first grade birthday party will be there."  Awwwww.

Right!  But only if Eric brings homes the bacon--the contract-- home to HIS "big Daddy", JE Dunn!    Eric Danielson deceived the City Council during his hearing testimony.  He is not just a "concerned Dad."  He is the Director of Business Development for JEDunn, who, WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A BID, is the already annointed builder for the UNAPPROVED, UNPOPULAR AND UNBUILT community center.

Is this a great country or what?  How can we make America ANY greater????  Can anyone say AEComm?  Or Burns and Mac?  How does this shit happen?  Follow the money.

Eric's obviously planning to run for office soon.
On the JEDunn corporate web site, he humbly over-shares:
A fourth generation Kansan, Eric is raising a fifth generation of Kansans in Shawnee along with his wife, Allison.

Oh brother.  As Billy Mays said while shamelessly hustling crap on TV, "But wait!!!  There's MORE!"

He is also the Public Address Announcer for the University of Kansas Men’s Basketball program in Allen Fieldhouse as well as the announcer for Kansas City’s Major League Soccer franchise, Sporting KC, at Sporting Park. 

And clearly, a proud Dad.  His ex-wife's reputation score on is 15 points higher than his.

My Daddy says he is having poor homeowners miles away raise their taxes forever, so he and his boss, Mr. Dunn, can build me a party room for my birthday!  My Dad's the bestest Dad ever.

 I love this pic, with his son. 

Now, son, remember, you can't tell ANYone I work for Mr. Dunn till we con the poor people east of 435 into voting yes on May 21!  Now shut up and hammer.  Or no chocolate cake for you.  

Next in the line-up, you know how KCMO hires lawyers who may not know much law, but like a good sandwich maker at Subway, they know which side their bread is buttered on?

So meet: Tyler Ellsworth.  It's not like Shawnee got the A-Team when they assigned the ballot wording job to young Tyler.  Gosh, this "toddler lawyer" just passed the Kansas Bar three years and 7 months ago!

I am cutting my teeth on this Shawnee Community Center ballot wording, says Tyler Ellsworth.  I left out a lotta big words in the seven line ballot.  Like "Sunset".  "Earmark".  and "Self-sustaining".  I am bad at math, so I just said $38 million, because $2.7 million x 20 years is $54 million.  And who would be dumb enough to vote for THAT?!?!   I don't expect I'll work for Kutak Rock for too long.  When I took the job, I thought it was a mountain in Arizona.  My real ambition is to replace Troy City Manager in KCMO.  Big as he is, he might explode any day now.

 To read the multiple violations of the 2018 AG Consumer Protection Act, that tax crusader Tracy Thomas found in Tyler's ballot wording, see and No More Taxes Shawnee on FB.

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  1. Obviously this guy is running for something. He is "mr.-chamber-pretty-boy", an expert at stealing your tax dollars, to grow his notoriety, and more importantly, grow his bank account. He claims to be a "republican" like ms. home-wrecker #2, yet he is expertly crafting the message to raise your taxes on a permanent basis to grow a unneeded government service when a privately-owned recreation club would do the same thing AND generate tax revenue, NOT consume tax revenue. Someone should ask mr. chamber-pretty-boy if he has a plan to hire a significant contingent of Shawnee police officers to manage the Ferguson-inspired hoards coming into west Shawnee neighborhoods like the one ms. home0wrecker #2 lives in. She actually voted AGAINST increased funding for the Shawnee P.D. This project is SO unneeded, yet the power-intoxicated Shawnee city council lacks the testicular fortitude to say yes to a private company providing a service, instead of ANOTHER government boondoggle.


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