Saturday, March 24, 2018

Ding Dong, Big Brother! The Post Office is taking photos of all my mail. BEFORE I GO TO MY MAILBOX. With--or without permission!

I received 17 pieces of mail this week.
One can even see which were in my mailbox on which day.

Big Brother aka the Post Office took pics
of all my mail this week,
BEFORE I signed up for Informed Delivery.

Now I've got nothing to hide.
My address is very easy to find, but I scratched it out here, (sloppy I know)..
It was almost all junk mail.

But just imagine--
does EVERYONE want Big Brother taking a picture of all their mail?

Note--this all was online when I just signed up for it here, Saturday night.  Right after I got home from seeing "Death of Stalin" at the Glenwood Arts.  Where they stated it was the job of Stalin's men to know where every citizen was at all times.

And this is the creepy part--our USPS already had the whole previous week's history!!

So, that means the USPS is taking photos of everyone's mail, in advance, and without permission!

The program is called Informed Delivery.

Here's the "invite" eg opt-in, from

Had the retail stores been using Informed Delivery at Ward Parkway this weekend, they could have looked to see if that package left outside was supposed to be there.  (tho it would only show USPS, not FedEx or UPS.)

Conversely, a spouse could sign up for it independently and secretly--and thus spy on their husband or wife, without them knowing about it. 

And of course, Tony's troll commenters might not want the US Postal Service knowing how often they are receiving deliveries of contraband drugs from Canadian pharmacies, porno or...gasp... sex toys and lubricants.  Or their weekly stash of aromatherapy oils.  Just sayin...Love me some Three Thieves.  Or bergamot.

Just sayin.  Big Brother is watching.  If you haven't watched "Minority Report", the great movie with Tom Cruise, perhaps you should.

Is this any different from how Facebook has always harvested our data?  No.  And now my new Samsung phone starts talking to me in the kitchen, and for the life of me, I can't figure out which app or permission I need to delete.

But when I need someone to be on my doorstep to move some heavy furniture, guess what.  The Postman is never available for that.

The costs must be astronomical.  And they're scanning it all, and then just SHOWING the pics to those who give their consent.  But the data was already harvested.

Hmmm.  I wonder if Governor "Duct Tape" Eric Greitens and his mistress sent one another any snail mail?!  Inquiring lawyers want to know...

The Post Office has been spying on us for years!!!

It was called Cover Mail.  Now they started with claiming they only did this to track "special subjects".  Bad guys, terrorists, gangstas.  

But of course, they didn't sort all the mail in the US and then just sort out the bad guys and take pics of THEIR mail.  Nope.  They've been scanning and photographing all of our mail for years.  And just now they have named their new program, Informed Delivery.  LOL.  The rest of us have been living in lala land, receiving UNinformed delivery.   And now when we OPT IN, then they magically reveal the pics!

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